• The most you can hope for it a retraction by the newspaper. Contact the editor that allowed it to be published.
  • Slander is possibly involved. Take the article and contact an attorney.
  • Actually, if the remarks were written (as I assume they were in the paper) they would possibly be libelous. Slander is spoken. Consult with a lawyer. If the remarks were factual and can easily be disproved, you may have a case. However, for you to receive any compensation you will likely also need to prove that they were written maliciously, knowing they were lies and that you suffered some sort of monetary loss as a result. For example, if they damaged your reputation in a way which will hurt your business and cost you customers, etc...
  • I am shocked that a newspaper would even publish such a hateful rant. Then again, the newspaper published where I live is total biased baloney and I believe little in it. Everyone has some kind of agenda and those with the power to print are the worst.

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