• I think someone needs to report the guy. He might end up killing the kid.
  • I would think very lowly of the person. I would hope they would be punished themselves in a similar manner. Even police only use stun guns when they can't control a situation in other ways. A toddler is not comporable to a felon. 'Toughening' up a kid is not helpful, it only desensitizes them to certain pain, or emotional attachment and sympathy. Toughening up your kid only creates a potential bully.
  • I don't think he's a father really.
  • I believe I'd be in touch with Children and Family services, pronto. Not to mention the police. And if I was the mother in this scenario, I'd be making those calls from a women's shelter where my children would be safe from this criminal abuser.
  • Based on the fact that it is highly illegal, and knowing that it could easily injure or kill the child, I would think he is an abusive A** and I would call the police and CPS. Psychologically, I would say he has control and dominance issues. The notion that beating or punishing a child makes them tough has been proven incorrect decades ago. Even so, "tough love" is not appropriate for a toddler. Developmentally, there is no way they can comprehend what is happening to them and learn from that. Instead, it will likely scar the child emotionally and likely physically, too.
  • omg! what planet does this man come from? rescue that child straight away.
  • I think he's a big A hole who needs to be reported ASAP!
  • perhaps he would benefit fromn some stun gun therapy to toughen himself up. I suspect when he hits prison he will have a tuff time
  • you don't even have to think onto this one because there is only one word for that brute.I'm glad he'll be in jail, The animal will meet his match in there.I'm quite sure he'll get a few jolts and will feel the pain he gave the toddler.There is no mother forsure, the toddler must have been living with the brute alone.OMG the world is crazy out there, all the sane ones are here on AB... I hope.
  • oh my god this is harsh! i would do the up most to get this child away from his 'father'
  • I'd take it and use it on him--assuming anyone is stupid enough to do such a thing.
  • Just because he's a sperm donor, that doesn't make him a "father"...
    • mugwort
      2 comments. Takes more than sperm to be a dad. A man who adopts a child is as much a dad as any other man with a child.
  • I think jail would make him "tough"
  • Needs reporting to the police. Sick people like that do not and should not have any rights in soceity. JAIL!!!
  • I think we need someone who uses a stun gun to make the father 'suffer'. He'll be 'tough' though, since he's being stun gunned; he can't complain! We're doing him a favour!
  • He should be sterilized. We don't need those genes in our pool. Poor lad. You make your toddler tough by giving them reasonable chores for their age. you make them mean by inflicting pain.
  • I think he is Psychotic
  • Perhaps he will be anally fisted by a gorilla at some time in the future.
  • He should be wearing a 9 iron for a necktie.
  • I think the "father" is a piece of sh*t and should have someone use a stun gun directly on his balls. Let's see how tough the bastard is now!
  • first off this scum is not a father by any stretch of the imagination, and when he goes to jail they(the authorities) should let it be known to all his jail mates what he's in for ... then sell tickets ...I'll have one!!... I was going to say use the stun gun on him ...but I could do a lot more damage that it could and it would give me great pleasure to ... makes me sick to think he's suppose to be a male ...ggggrrrr
  • Well...Hmmm... Tie him down and then taser him...ohhh..maybe 10 times and maybe a few more till the cops arrive. This will make the cops job easy as he'll more then likely be so fried, he'd be a docile as a dead limb... Then jail him for the next 2-5 years and he'll come out a new "Woman" heeheeheehee
  • Make him President.
    • we are dough 68
      Restores my faith in humanity.
  • i think he should get his kid taken away, that sounds like abuse
    • we are dough 68
      Just "sounds like abuse", not anything more definite ?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Sounds effective?
  • I think he's a miserable excuse for a father. He's a dad in name only He should be reported to the proper agency. His son should be taken from him asap.
  • I think he is a bad parent.
  • That is abuse, and I would report him to CPS
  • Did it work? Is the kid tougher? If so, then I guess it worked.
  • i think sonneone should report hinn
  • I will report this. It's abuse, not sure how you don't get that it is wrong
  • So many people have really sick ideas. Sounds like an excuse of a sadist. Do you know this person personally?
  • I think the man is an idiot. I don't call hjm a father. He's merely a sperm donor. A real dad wouldn't be so disgustingly irresponsible to his toddler or any child for that matter. He should be reported to children and family services and the cops asap. His kid(s) taken from him asap. He strikes me as being a real danger. He may need a psychiatric exam to see if he needs mental help too.
  • Proverbs 14:14 teaches us that “The one wayward at heart will reap the results of his ways, But the good man reaps the reward of his dealings”. When one teaches the next generation to be fierce and aggressive they will have to also experience the consequences. Proverbs 22:6 also tells us that an adult will not part ways with how they were trained as a child. Parents have the opportunity to teach love and kindness OR aggression and violence. Either way, we will reap what we sew.

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