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  • Ask him what happen.
  • I would have to protect my heart and tell him to keep on moving.
  • tell him hi hope he's well but i'm happy in life and i don't need something like that to knock me on my ass again.
  • I would assume that he cut me off completely with no explanation as an attempt to get over me by giving himself space, and if he talked to me again, I would assume he was over me. If you mean that he came back into your life to ask you out again and I were in your situation, then I might just tell him to take a hike because I'm not someone that likes my emotions being played with like that.
  • I wouldnt even give him the chance to try and dig his way out . i would totaly blank him after telling him he didnt even exist in my life
  • In 14 months? I would have moved on.
  • I would think he will do it again and not give him the time of day or your heart again.
  • Oh man that would be hard but I'd try & resist him
  • I would have already moved on.
  • I'd ask them where they've been for 14 months. I don't think an ex owes you anything -- that's why he/she is an ex -- it sounds like you are still not accepting this ex as he or she is -- either accept the individual, or let them go, but don't expect them to be like you want them to be.
  • I suppose the question you want to go through that again? Anyone who does that once will do it again.
  • "oh im sorry Love, i've moved on"
  • I did but she was gone for 4 yrs seen here kids maybe 3 times in those 4 yrs , she wanted to come back so i let her come back so the kids will have a mom and 10 yrs later she told me i took 10 yrs of her live away so she is doing what she said i took away from her ?
  • I'd be mad probably and demand an explanation!
  • It depends. I assume this is in a case where you still have sentiments for him. So I would say, don't do anything. That is, be polite and calm if he calls or stops by. But don't engage in a lengthy conversation. Don't divulge your personal life. He did in a sense abandon you after all, and he did this in a way that didn't show you or your formal couple the respect that you deserved. If he regrets his actions from 14 months ago, or feels that he could have done things differently, then he'll try to find a proper way to express himself and get this message across to you. That is only if he really cares about you and your feelings. Let some time pass and as the old saying goes, 'only time will tell'. If he doesn't really care about your feelings, he won't make much of an effort to mend things between you. Only time and patience will tell.
  • The first thing I would do is get some answers.
  • Be unavailable. Who the he** does he/she think I am? A Merry-Go-Round? A Yo-Yo? No time for such a loser in my life. No way. No how! :)
  • I'd laugh in her fucking face and tell her to die.
  • I would not open my heart to him again.
  • ask ex why they did something so hurtful to someone who loves them and now why are they being so silly to think that after that period of time i would even want them in my life again once bitten
  • Happened to me. I moved on. Not much else I could do. I realized that someone so cold wasn't worthy of my time. Seriously, someone who does that to you, isn't even worth thinking about.
  • he found someone else who he wanted to date and when that didn't work out, he came back to you. He will do it again. you deserve better than someone who is going to treat you as a backup.

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