• he'll show you when he's ready. Just dont push him away. He'll let ya know
  • he will let you know.
  • There are some clues that can let you know. You just have to pay attention. But the biggest sign is that he will start to talk about the possibilities of you in his future. If he includes you in it, like 'what if', 'maybe if one day we', 'someday i would like to'. ;) He may not accept it at first or say it straight, but be happy if you find these signs, everything takes time.
  • When men are ready they will tell you. There are no signs or clues they are out spoken when they come to know what they want.
  • If he thinks he is losing you ...... men love a hunt more than the kill .. so beware and keep him wanting you , once you give in you may be a goner , once he has mastered his kill .. he will bore easily ... so keep him on his toes and wanting you ..... he will respect you so much more and want to marry you ...... I'm older so I know what I'm talking about ..
  • When you're each having such a great time together you don't even think in terms of a "relationship commitment".
  • Most of them aren't.

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