• I've heard good things about that oxy-clean product. Maybe you could treat the stains then just spot clean or soak the affected areas?
  • i would avoid soaking areas that have loose fabric though...
  • I would fill the bathtub with water and swish it in there. Try no soap and cool water at first. If it comes out great! If not, add a little soap and warm water. Then when you are done, if there is no soap, let the water out and squeeze the fabric against the bottom to get the water out. Do NOT lift a wet quit full of water as that is the quickest way to tear seams and fabric. If it has soap, drain and then fill with fresh water. Then drain and squeeze the water out. When you have gotten as much of the water out as possible, push the quilt all together and lift as one unit, like a ball and place flat somewhere to dry.
  • Finish the quilt, leaving your children's artwork thereon. What a treasure that will be.
  • Fill your tub with cold water, soak the parts that are drawn on in it. If you have to set the whole thing in it, then do so. Use a tooth brush set aside for cleaning, and rub the spots with a bit of mild dish detergent. Rinse. If you have to repeat this step a few times, do so. What ever you do, don't put it in the dryer. You can wash the blanket once it is finished with woolite and hang out to dry.
  • use any kind of non-bleach detergent if the marks r washable and put the quilt in the washer but do not use hot water or else it would shrink and DO NOT use dryer, just hang it on a rope and let it dry...or simply hand wash. y take the risk if the quilt is not even finished yet. good luck and let us know how it goes :)
  • Well looks like you will have to hand wash it so you wont rip or tare it.
  • This happened to my aunt. She used same color thread, and quilted all the lines they drew. When they grew up, they fought over who would get the treasured quilt, and ended up each cousin has a quilt year, every fourth year.
  • I would contact any quilting shop. I know there is a special soap just for quilts, but I would try the soap by hand and not in the washing machine.
  • Is there any quilting guilds in your area? If anyone has an answer to this dilemna it would be the people in a local guild.

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