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  • As a guy, I have to tell you that you've got to be pretty direct. We're not the most perceptive beings. If you insist on being indirect, show an interest in the things that he's into - - not things that you aren't interested in, mind you. Just look for things that you share in common and bring those things up when you're around the guy. That'll give you both something to talk to each other about and will signal to the guy that you might be compatible. Either that, or just ask him out.
  • I agree with Radulski. beside him that you care for him. Boys always love being cared.
  • I have always found plenty of direct eye contact and playing with your hair works. We do it naturally anyway when we find someone attractive, its instinct to try and "preen" ourselves to look desireable to the opposite sex. Copying movements such as he changes stance to be more open, you mirror it also works. body language experts suggest this is like a mating dance. Always look directly at them with interest when they are speaking to you, dont fold your arms or look at the floor. This makes people think you have something to hide or dont like them. Compliments work wonders too, "oh I really like those jeans on you" - works on men even better than it works on women lol!
  • Blush continuously!
  • Tits usually work. If not, really short skirts with high heels will clinch it! See me @ Waffle House later for breakfast!
  • Lets keep it short and simple.. make an eye contact and wear a seductive smile on your face.. this is the most effective tool... if you want more ideas on flirting then take a look at this site
  • Guys are all different but I can tell you what I like... Be yourself - no games, no acting. If I think you're not being sincere or I think you're playing with my emotions, it's over. Be fun - Everyone likes it when someone is being playful with them. Depending on the type of guy you're looking for though, how playful you should get varies. To a conservative guy you don't want to look like a tramp. Be respectful - if all I hear from you is you badmouthing everyone around you then I know straight away that you're not for me.
  • 3-19-2017 Make it obvious. Most men are firmly convinced that it is a crime to be a man, so you have to grab him by the elbow and let him know that you really want to talk to him. Then talk to him, and keep talking to him until he figures out that you really want his attention.
  • As a guy, I can tell you that we either have amazing perception of the flirt, or we just let it pass over our heads... don't make it a full out confession of love on the first ask though, be a little more than subtle but keep it light at the same time.
  • Even if i like someone. I'll not do it. xD

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