• I would have to say yes, based on my experience. I found a BOX of condoms in my ex-wife's car. She said they were her friend's. Ask about it and let the squirming begin.
  • What were you doing in his coat pocket if you didn't suspect cheating prior to this? I say you present all your evidence before him and tell him that he needs to be honest with you. If you feel you can't trust him, break up with him. No sense in wasting your time on someone you can't trust.
  • I just found female condoms in a truck we don't use, and my husband and I don't use condoms, I would think yours is cheating too.
  • I would wait until I find an opened and used one in the coat pocket.
  • Put it back, and check for it daily. When it is gone he is cheating. Kill him then
  • aaah, maybe. it could be really old from when he was using them. Like finding that 5 dollar bill in your coat pocket from last winter. do what Freddy siad, check it often to see if its been used
  • doesn't look like a good sign
  • Two key words. 1) Boyfriend, so we don't know what level of commitment either of you have. 2) Unopened, so we don't know how old it is. So when you say that you haven't used condoms in a long time, what is a long time? A month? A year? Four years?
  • I would say yes or he is thinking about it, get rid of him dont need someone you cant trust, if you have no trust you have nothing.
  • Good thing you only found an Unopened condom.
  • Oh boy... that's not good. I mean, I wouldn't put on shoes if I didn't intend to leave the house, you know? I'd bet that he is.
  • I have had an unopened condom in my bag and I'm pretty sure I've had one in my coat pocket as well. I can assure you that I was not cheating. I have never cheated in my life. My friends gave them to me as a joke. Perhaps your boyfriend is in the same situation or at least a similar one. I wasn't even thinking about cheating. I probably even forgot about them until later. If my boyfriend ever finds one again for a similar reason, I think he should just ask me about it, because I have nothing to hide. Perhaps you should ask your boyfriend as well. If you trust him, then what's wrong with asking him and expecting an honest answer? If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problem giving you one.
  • Did u keep them in the bedroom or in his pocket as well? If never his pocket then he's cheating!
  • My boyfriend and I don't use condoms either because I am on the pill. Prior to that I used to keep a condom in my wallet. However, despite being on the pill, the condom is still in my wallet. It's not because I am cheating or plan to cheat, i'm not and I wouldn't. it's simply because I never took it out, and now I think about it, If I ever forgot to take a pill.... then I would need a condom, and so it is handy to have one in my bag. Perhaps this is how your boyfriend views things? Either that, or he's had it in his pocket for a while and has forgotten about it. Wait to see if it goes... or becomes opened. Or even replaced with another...... (i.e different packaging). However, you could always make a tiny mark that won't come off (such as a dot) on the condom wrapper with a pen or permanent marker if you think the next one that might appear in his pocket will be of the same packaging. This way, if he does happen to use this condom with someone else, and then puts another in his pocket for next time... you'll know because the new one doesn't have the mark you made on it. Don't ask him about it just yet, until you find something else that suggests he might be cheating. Because this scenario would be a very easy one to lie about. (Though he might actually be telling the truth!). Good luck! I really hope he's not cheating on you. My boyfriend has cheated on me, and it's the worst feeling in the world. :(
  • 1. If its unopened then no he obviously isnt cheating. 2. He's thinking about cheating and wants to be ready. 3. He is cheating and got so turned on he forgot to use it. Choose one.

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