• Wanna do the wild thing???? Or wanna get NAKED????? Or can I rape you with whip cream??? I haven't found a man yet that doesn't grin if I say any of the above to them,lol. Even if I'm just joking it brings a grin really quick
  • Many things. Anything involving sex, and me. I like. Also "........................" hear that? It's silence. Silence is a wonderful thing during baseball season. In fact it's better than the sex. Remember that, silence during baseball will be better than anything you could possibly say or do.
  • excluding the obvious sexual stuff, my guy always liked when i said things that made him feel more manly... simple things, like you make me feel safe, or commenting on how he's larger than you (like his hands make yours look small, etc.). that type of thing.
  • your right!
  • Boy I wish more guys would get on here and answer this!

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