• Oh H*LL yeah! Trust me...I know from experience!
  • Unfortunately yes. Everyone needs a break even from the one they love the most. Too much of anything is a bad thing.
  • Whenever you put "too much" in a question, the answer has to be subjective. I think my In-laws spend too much time together. She can't go to the store without him, he won't go to his senior classes without her. She won't go to a restaurant because he won't. They think we are very odd, because I drive to the beach (two hour)by myself and spend two or three days. He went to Europe, I stayed in a beach condo with the grandkids. It has to be what the people involved want. If they have a disagreement about it, they need to find a way to compromise.
  • I agree. Its not that I get tired of my husband or anything and we'd be fine of we were together all the time BUT if one of us goes out of town or something for the week-end then we get the chance to miss each other. When we get to see each other again we appreciate each other more again... Plus occasionally I just like to be by myself.
  • Yeah there is. Everyone needs a little space.
  • Yes, everyone needs their own time once and a while, too much of a good thing is a bad thing :)
  • Yes. Especially when you get older. You need some space.
  • Only the people involved can answer that question. For Jim and me, we love spending time together. I am 70 he is 72. However, I love to cook, spend time on Answerbag and stay at home..he loves to play golf, tennis and putz around places like Home Depot, Lowe's, Radio know, "guy-stuff" stores. So I do my thing, he does his..but I am always welcome to join him and I love having him at home as well. As I said, it depends on the people involved. Personally I don't think it is too good to be joined at the hip..but it works for some people! :)
  • There isn't such a thing as "too much time together". Umless, one of you decides this is so. Maribeth
  • Oh yes. Too much of anything makes you resent it.
  • Well, one certainly does need some space to do one's toiletry business.
  • Well only the one in the situation can answer that,but as for me and my bf we love spending time together,there's a lot you can reason in that time you spending together.Spending time together with the one you love play a very important role in your relationship
  • This depends on the personalities of the people involved. Some people are very attached to their partners and want to spend lots of time together. Others favor being together less often because they need more space to be alone or with friends. Really, neither one is wrong. It's only a problem if one person wants lots of togetherness and the other person doesn't. All needs are legitimate, we just have to find someone else out there who will meet those needs.
  • Yes. I wake up, he's there. I eat, he's there. I go to bed, he's still there. God, doesn't he have any hobbies? I go to my mom's house, he calls me and asks me where I am, who I'm with, and when I'll be back. Eventually, we'll run out of things to talk about because, oh yeah, he was there!
  • ask my ex... -.-'
  • alright well i think its alright to be together alot i mean i'm with my bf all the time not now i'm grounded but still i like seeing him alot but recently i've realized that maybe i should take some time for me so that i get the chance to miss him and do my own things and he gets to do his own thing.

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