• i think most people think it's pretty hot
  • I think it's a non issue.
  • I am a white guy and the first 2 girls I ever dated were both black. I do not see any problem with it at all. As long as you are attracted to each other then colour should not be a barrier.
  • She likes a little cream in her coffee?
  • If two people honestly and genuinely love and care for each other then skin color should never be an issue. Unfortunately there are too many who feel otherwise so it makes an interracial relationship harder to deal with. If you are determined to make it work though then nothing is impossible. I would have no problems with dating a womanj who was black if she had a great personality and I felt a genuine connection to her.
  • Who cares? Besides, their babies would be cute! If the two people are with each other for the right reasons, there is nothing wrong with it.
  • I think it's fine and certainly have no issue with it.
  • I think that they like each other. I'm really tired of the world putting such pressure on people about how much melanin they have in their skin, and people who have more or less than the other shouldn't date. People are people, not their skin. Personalities, attitudes, knowledge- it's all individual. Not "racial". This isn't a dig on the person asking the question- but more like a public service announcement to the whole world. Honestly, it's just melanin (the hormone that produces the color or lack thereof in the skin). NOTHING more. What's the big deal in that?
  • thank you all for your answers so far. i totally agree with you all. i am dating a white guy and i have heard some mean remarks made specifically about a black girl and a white guy. i care for him deeply and don't care what anyone else thinks based on color. after all, we are dating each other and not society's unanimous approval.
  • Forget what people think. This is your life be with who you want to be with. Black women & white men White women & black men Asian men & white woman White men and asian women black men/ asian women asian men & black women mixed men/women & different mixed men women white men & asian men black women and asian woman east european etc etc etc Im from london the mixing has been going on for years now...its nothing new, its great seeing people being with who they fancy not who they think they should be. Enjoy the variety! Sod race, sexuality and religion.... if you like someone go for it!
  • As a black male, I don't mind seeing a black girl with a white guy. It could be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever. People can date who they want, regardless of color. My oldest sister is married to a white man and has three kids, and I do adore them (despite me wanting to be childfree indefinitely).
  • i have not really heard anything about it. there seems to be more black men dating white women then the other way around. i am a black girl and i really like this guy who just so happens to be white. we are not official but when i look at him i don't see color i see some one i like. people should not be so caught up on color. with all this mixing and matching by 2030 we are not going to be able to tell what anyone is anyway.
  • weve all been beaten to death with the crap about "shes doing it for attention", but if she was she would just walk him around like a dog and then drop him off before going home, "Blacks are bigger", if thats all it is they can have eachother. My wife said she was pressured into interacial because she was acused of being racist, could you imagine that pick up line? "go home with me or your racist." It would be hard not to say, "your right I dont date pigs, whatever color they are" if your into interacial, great but I have found the relationship never gets away from race and eventualy ends because of it, either in or out of the relationship, if race is a topic its an issue. just how it goes.
  • I think that there shouldn't be a problem with it at all if you both care about eachother and want to be together.
  • great. more gorgious halfbreeds in this world. genetic diversity breeds strength and as such generaly mixed children will have lower odds of genetic illness. in case you are offended by me saying breed instead of race... breed applys to all biology and that is where you find the law that genetic diversity breeds strength, race is just a term used to segregate us from animals, unnecessary for my purposes.
  • Love is color blind, simple as that.
  • Fine by me.If the couple are happy together that is all that matters.
  • Happiness and love should not be dependent on the color of your skin.
  • What a lucky guy!
  • i don't know what people think, but from what i see, that is not as common as a black man and a white woman. never knew why... statistically, shouldn't the numbers be about even? or is my perception just skewed???
  • well I am a white guy and seems like lately all the women attracted to me are Black. My ex wife and last 2 girlfriends have been black. Mostly it is Black men that have a problem with this. That doesnt mean all Black men just Most of the people that have had a problem are Black men
  • I personally don't care.
  • I don't care.
  • Well my wife is black and I'm white. We usually get shit from black guys that are mad that my wife is going out side the race. Mostly its not that they dislike white people but more that they think my wife thinks her own race isn't good enough. Its the same as when black girls get mad when a black guy goes with a white chick. For white people most don't care if the guy dates a black girl but most say that a white girl who dates black guys are tainted meat.
  • I have never heard anyone comment on it. AS far as me, I havent given it much thought. It seems more common seeing black men with white women, though. And all I've heard that people say about that, is usually its a dark guy with a real white woman with blonde hair.
  • As a black woman I encourage interracial dating because women out number men as whole. If you seperate each race, you'll find that there are less available black men to go around. If you're setting your sights on having a black man no matter what, you may find yourself alone for a very long time. If what you're seeking is packaged differently, why not see what's inside? You might be pleasantly surprised that it's exactly what you want and need. Many people have heard their parents or grandparents say it's taboo because of the past, but if those aren't your experiences, then why adopt them as your own? No one knows who God chose for you until you meet. And it would be a shame to settle for what others will accept over your own happiness.

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