• absolutely not! fun, yes. important, no. your making me hungry...MAMA MAMA
  • Not important, but I like the way they look in certain clothes, and how sexy they can make you feel. They can certainly get in the way or make certain clothes not work! (like shirts that button....always that gap!)
  • Well, personally I am a B cup & would prefer C-D cup but I wouldn't get them surgically enhanced. I am also bi & don't mind about a woman's breast size (ironic when I'm bothered about my own, I know). I wouldn't go as far as Kate Moss but any more than a handful is a waste. It's really not that important though. Physical appearance is too big a deal these days; it's not what's important.
  • As a man I definitely have my preferences, and they tend to go towards medium to just under large... no more than a handful, and I have big hands. I've only experienced one set in my life, and those belong to my wife and I am very satisfied with those. I do tend to notice womens breast size subconsciously even when I try not to... they are like fingerprints, each pair is unique... and can be identifying.
  • Nah. Size don't matter to me just like I hope size doesn't matter to her.;-)
  • Breasts are way cool, but the size is totally unimportant to me. I think that if breasts are "enhanced" or augmented to make them larger, the frame of the body can make them look out of place. There's a certain "physics" to the way they move and fall, and indeed it's the smaller variety that tend to sit better under clothing. Quality over quantity.
  • Yes and no.
  • Size is not important to me but I just can't help looking whenever a well endowed woman passes by. For me, breast size would never be (and never has been) a deciding factor when choosing a mate.
  • I'm a girl with breasts which I believe are bigger than what I'd want them to be. If it was up to me, I would cut them by half... when I talk to guys I often see them looking at my breasts instead of my face, Pathetic.
  • "Nah. Size don't matter to me just like I hope size doesn't matter to her.;-)" Excellent response! This is the response you will always get even though it always seems to matter at some point.
  • What should matter is what is within the person's heart & not what the persons body size,looks or even wealth is. If people would only look to the true meaning of love and not at the lust of it. This world would be a great and better place. So to answer your question being I am a man. I'll say that as long as the womens body is in good health & her heart & soul is in the right place. Nothing else matters to me. P.S. This is most likely why I'll always live alone. Because I am to different than the normal person. And very few if any think like I do. Maybe its good they don't.....O'We'll just my point of view. Everyone else to their own...................M.C.S.
  • Nopers!
  • two handfuls are just perfect.
  • The size of a woman's breasts are really not that important at all. The most important thing about a woman is how good a personality she has. Is she kind, honest, compassionate, interesting, funny, exciting and compatable with you. The size of a woman's boobs, the colour of her hair, weight, or overall attractiveness, are not really that important at all. Many men are caught into the trap of believing these things matter and they could miss out on their real soul mate and being truely happy! There are women all over the world who are all different shapes and sizes and they are all different people, so start looking inside at the real person. Regarding breasts, there are many women out there who have to suffer back pain, physical discomfort, emotional stress from having to cope with be "too small" or "too big" and what society assumes or expects of them and the emotional burden of this is rarely considered by men who just see them as sex objects and not real people. They may struggle to dress the way they want because of their size and this may make them feel inadequate and frustrated. Also there are many women who have to suffer breast cancer, or the scare of finding a lump till they know what is is and this can be difficult also. So guys next time you stare at a woman's breasts and not her face, just remember that although that is normal and natural thing to do, there may be a frightened young woman inside who just wants to be loved and noticed for her and not her breasts. Try and get to know them for them and you never know, you just might find that their boobs wasn't actually the most intersting thing about them after all.
  • breast size is inconsequential...when a woman sees herself as flawless, fluid and innocent, that's a turn-on....
  • Breasts size doesn't matter just as long as penis size doesn't matter to her.
  • This was the second time today I answered a question twice! lol Please disregard!
  • Like A size. Had a girlfriend with A's once who had implants. :-( Ladies don't change what you have, Love, Family, Faith is more important then size.
  • i love my boobs, they're the only ones i'v got lol they're what make me a woman!
  • well, i would say that, yes, they are important to me as a woman. i want to breastfeed when i have a baby, and i couldn't do that without breasts! however size wise... i am an A cup, and i have no problem with that. i don't want implants, i don't wear padded bras- i'm small and proud. besides, when i get on in years, they'll still be on my chest where they should be- not down around my waist!
  • Male here, men do not care about the size of a womans breasts, the big tit craze has been created by women and the media [IMO] I love any size breasts, and can't stand looking at a 100lb woman with HUGE phoney boobs, leave your breasts alone ladies, sexuality comes from your mind, don't butcher yourselves.
  • Well I am not sure how I feel. Can you help me out with some visual aids?
  • Yes my boobs are important to me. Not only do they feed my babies, but they keep my man satisfied as well.
  • The old saying is that "anything more than a handful is wasted."

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