• If you want to sound mature, try on "husband" for size...
  • Wow its funny that you mentioned that, I feel the same way. So many couples live together, and have finances together, hell, even kids together, then when you say "boyfriend, girlfriend"....seems to lessen that huh like you mentioned huh?
  • I like the term significant other much better for unmarried couples...boyfriend / girlfriend sounds so youngish and silly !!!
  • OMG yes! I was JUSt discussing this with my, uh, boyfriend. We dated in junior high, so he used to be my "boyfriend". Now we're 38 and 39, and we really feel silly like we're 14 again calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend. So we tried a few other words. None really stuck, but man oh man, it sure was sweet for us to explore all the different words that expressed what we meant to each other. Confidant Lover My Love My Girl/Guy Love interest (blah that was toooo generic) Companion My honey! We never did come up with a word that really conveyed where we are right now other than girlfriend/boyfriend. Beyond "the guy I'm dating"." Heh.
  • Sort of -- but, what are the choices... Significant Other never really caught... partner I just don't like, though it is practical (it's nobody's business what gender your partner is)... some of my friends are in their 60's, and when they talk about their boy/girlfriend, it does somehow seem wrong to use that word... your girlfriend is a senior citizen!?!?!? I'll be 52 pretty soon, and I still call my gf "my girlfriend". Though, sometimes I refer to her as "my wife" just so I don't have to use "girlfriend".
  • YES i know what you mean. When you see an older couple dating you think it's a husband or wife not b/f and g/f haha.
  • After 2 months your considered common law anyway.Why not say my hubby or just say he's house setting.Most people just ask that question to be nosey because they see you alone thinking your broke up if they know you.If it were me I'd say the first thing popped in
  • I prefer either the term "friend" or "significant other".
  • I have to say no. I am 28 and have no problem referring to my GF as my GF. Even though we are engaged to get married (date May 31st), have been living together for 5 years and have 2 kids!
  • Maybe you should start calling it manfriend/womanfriend if boy/girl sounds too immature. LOL, I think you feelings weird is stupid, no offense. Anyways, I use to call my girl my mrs, not that what I called her or what anyone else called her referring to our relationship mattered. :p
  • 9 times out of 10 you can just use their name or "my friend..." - if whoever youre talking to really cares, they'll inquire as to the nature of your relationship with this person - i think this has a lot to do with the fact that people are whimps about coming right out and saying theyre in a committed relationship and instead rely on these other terms to convey that info - labels and titles are notoriously problematic - really it boils down to a language issue in whatever culture youre in - i'd love to see this question addressed from a multicultural analysis - how do other cultures handle this? if i was looking for the best way to handle it, i dont think i would look to america, the adolescents of the planet -
  • You're right. It does start sounding absurd the older you get. Makes me feel like smacking my gum,twirling my hair amd saying "like" like, you know, like every, like third word? ya know? and saying, like, OH MY GOD, and like, WHATEVER, and making really bad fashion choices that are far too adult for me to ctually pull off. ***Sorry if I'm offending any teens out there. You'll understand what can only be described as the ridiculousness of your teenage years once you've seen the far side of 20***
  • I think it's a good time to start always using one's partner's name. If they ask, "Who's Jim?" Then it could be explained.
  • lisa's got a boyfriend... lisa's got a boy friend la la ...she's gunna get boy germs , I'm at the age where it doesnt(wouldn't) bother me... so long as she's with me I don't care what she's know as (so long as its not nasty) and remember he is your b/f until you get engaged or get married so really they are right :)
  • In my age group, we have gentlemen friends and lady friends.
  • Who's getting older!!!!? I don't know boy/girlfriend sounds does significant other or partner or the guy that I am living with...whatever works for you.
  • I find it sorta weird calling my boyfriend "boyfriend" out loud. I tend to call him by his own name. I like the term lover, but I'll stick with calling him my boyfriend on here. I do find it weird when teachers say they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, though. It's just that most of the teachers at my school are married, you see...
  • I wondered about that at one time in my life as I got older but I have to be honest.. as a 31 yr old woman.. I have no problem calling my guy, my boyfriend. I usually call him my guy or my old man but I have said boyfriend.
  • Yes, I know how you feel. As I have gotten older (I'm now in my mid-40s), it sounds immature for me to say that. Also, saying boyfriend/girlfriend to me makes it sound like you're just dating and not in a serious relationship. As my partner and I have been together almost 4 years and are in a committed relationship, I don't say "girlfriend" anymore.
  • I agree that the use sounds a bit immature.
  • I like the sounds of Toyboy, Sex puppet, Sugar Daddy much better, sure makes people stop and look at you. I love the reaction I get. ;)
  • I know that exact feeling it does feel a little immature i usually call them my partner

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