• what do u mean by purchase? u apply for the workmans comp. when u actually get hurt within ur work place and then they pay for the treatment and also for the days u miss work.
  • Not in my state, however you can ask and pay to be added to the general contractors insurance for the one project. That is if there is a general contractor is willing.
  • Yes, in New York. Purchase policy for employer and request it be cancelled after the job is done. Some construction companies form a new corporation for each job. If you do, obtain a policy, finish the job, dissolve the corporation and notify the comp carrier. If you are doing business in construction and will expect to have many jobs, it is cheaper and makes more business sense to buy a policy and simply keep it in force, since you are going to need it for the next job.
  • Yes, you can obtain work comp coverage for one construction job.
  • not sure what you nnean by purchase

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