• you can try calling centers but you have to get good grades during training to stay there
  • Yeah i work at a plasma center im on the computer all day i have no degree. Apply at "grifols" or "csl" near you. also call centers and cable companys have many entry level office jobs
  • They might let you clean it without one. I got my first computer programming job lacking two classes of getting my degree. I worked as Galley 2 yoman answering the phone in the Navy without a degree. Also everywhere I went in the Navy they asked me if I could type when I said yes that's what they put me doing even though when I took my ASVAB test they said the only thing I did NOT qualify for was clerical! lol, I worked keying invoices and then purchase orders with only one quarter of accounting. I worked in accounts recovery and had never done that before either. I'd suggest you go ahead and look for the job you want, but continue your schooling. You may be able to move up into management at the grocery store. I did that once as well in fast food. An education is something no one can steal from you. Its worth the effort.
  • It depends on what kind of work you want to do and it depends on your skills. Having a college degree doesn't guarantee you a job. Communication skills, typing, basic computer skills, communication skills & communication skills.
  • Chances of getting a job in an office without a degree, assuming you have reasonably good general skills, literacy, and computer skills, are pretty good. People without a degree are not extremely disadvantaged getting an entry level jobs. Having a degree, preferably a 4 year or better degree, have a much better chance of advancing to higher level and management positions.

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