• Yes, except guys get the "deer in headlights" look when their women ask them that question. =P
  • Actually, my husband and I have this conversation a lot. We both agree its the whole package.
  • My last boyfriend said he loved me because I was laid back, let him have his freedom (wasn't attached at the hip), and I could be one of the guys... Then we broke up because I was too laid back, we didn't hang out enough and all his friends liked me too much.
  • My husband said it was because I had a good heart.....because I really do care about people.
  • I remember when my partner told me he loved me, i had already told him a couple of weeks earlier, and wasnt bothered too much when he didnt say it back, but the night he told me, he took me out for a gorgeous meal and over a lovely bottle of wine told me he loved me and that he loved me for me, how honest i am and how i make him feel, i thought i was going to cry but it was very beautiful, it will be our 2 year anniversary in february not long but what an amazing to years it has been
  • Yes.He has told me and also has written a letter.It's the best gift I have ever received:)
  • It couldn't have been my looks and I know it wasn't my money so about the only thing left must be my personality. We get along like "peas and carrots" but if you looked closer you'd probably wonder how because we don't like the same music or movies or even TV shows. She's into card games and Bingo and I'd rather play video games and go to "bag" sites. Believe it or not we will celebrate {{24 years}} of marriage in Feb.!
  • Well I wouldn't consider a year as great friends and 2 years in a romantic relationship exactly long term. However I asked my late fiancee this very question a couple of days after I asked her to marry me. She wrote me a letter that night and left it on my desk at work the next morning. It was one of the last letters she would write me before passing away. She told me that she fell inlove with me because I was the first man who treated her with respect and didn't look at her as just another average looking girl with an overly developed chest. That I respected her and treated her as an equal and always put her first in all things.
  • Sometimes they can. I can tell my wife why. Sometimes you just can't put your finger one a reason or reasons.
  • O yea, for me it was his eyes. They seemed to have a smile all of their own. For him, he would probably say it was my.......wait, maybe I shouldn't say that on AB. J/K, I dont think he could tell me. He is one of those guys who doesn't show emotion too much, so just for him to tell me that he loves me is all I need to hear. It took him long enough to say it anyways...
  • Good Question I am going to ask and get back to you.. =o)
  • He said that I make him "feel like such a man", which was probably the highest compliment he could have given me. He said he always loved the spring in my step that said "follow me if you dare." Gosh, I love him so much. :-)
  • My smile & eyes & kindness & personality
  • He already has. He loves me for me, appreciates who I am, and so on.
  • my fiance and i have this convosation often and we reminice often so that 'new' magic is never lost
  • i still cant tell him to this very day, but it doesn't matter, right? what matters is that i do love him :)
  • He says it was my character, that could be bad or good but he won't elaborate.
  • alot of guys say my braces... but they propably mean my smile... yeah I know they propably jus bullshitting with my head.. lol ... I wouldnt like no guy with braces.. ewwwwww
  • My husband says that he fell in love with everything about me. I would say the same about what I fell in love with him about. He's just the "whole package."

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