• Find out what her favorite flower is, but I always think lilies are awesome. =)
  • Get one of her friends to find out her favorite.
  • Traditionally (American culture, at least) the color of the rose signifies a specific meaning. A yellow rose is symbolic of friendship. You could give her yellow roses, with a card that talks about the symbolism of the yellow rose and friendship.
  • Don't knock out roses altogether; yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and sound perfect for what you are looking for. Other than roses lilies are nice, but PLEASE stay away from carnations, I think they look cheap in bouquets.
  • Give her a bouquet of sunflowers or daisies.
  • I love daffodils or tulips. But yellow roses are a wonderful idea, too. (See earlier answer.) What a sweet thing to do!
  • If you go to a florist, you can pick from several bouquets already made, or you can pick and chose different flowers and they'll make you a bouquet. They can also tell you what flowers might have certain meanings so you can stay away from anything that might be too forward!
  • Lillies are my favourite, but please see one of my posts, my cat was poisoned and died from lily pollen, so if she has pets, please beware ;-)
  • White roses would do. They represent loyalty and sincerity .
  • A male and a female in the same age range cannot be plutonic friends for a very long period of time. Don't pass on the opportunity while it exists because she'll just go out and find someone else and the new guy will see to it that you get put out with the trash. Get her something nice and go for it or you'll regret it later... unless of course if she's really ugly.
  • Just go into a floral store and pick out a assorted flower arrangement, which looks good to you. She will like them I promise you, for its the thought that counts mostly, along with the beautiful colors and good smells they produce.
  • get her a miwed bunch of flowers. I really enjoy those types, and there are heaps to choose from
  • Don't go for the grocery store "arrangements" - go for a big bouquet of the same flower (like pink or yellow tulips) - its much more classy.
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship. A nice alternative is tulips. Carnations ARE nice because they last far longer than most other cut flowers and they are a cheerful flower. If she has allergies, be careful with lillies. Also be careful with white lillies as that is commonly used for sympathy (funerals). Yellow or pink lillies would be better. Daffodils are nice but be aware that after a few days they smell...funny...uh...sort of like urine or BO. At this time of year, you could probably go with paperwhite or a nice amaryllis. Cut orchids are gorgeous, less expensive than people think and last for a couple of weeks. Gerber daisies are a very "friendly" flower and very cheerful. You can often get them in died colors that are super vibrant.
  • Did you know pink roses mean friendship? You can never go wrong with roses
  • Get her a mixed bouquet of flowers.
  • daisies are my fav.... :)
  • I don't know about roses or flowers, but I'm glad I saw this question...and the replies. It sure looks like a wonderful way of expressing appreciation. I read most women like it, too. Thanks~ :)

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