• Okay, You should think Long.......and Hard.........on this guy! He thinks he's your master! Do you really want to get him back? He left you AND STOLE your bag! He's a control freak. Count your blessings......Leave him alone, let him stay gone!!!!!!! SHHHHHHHHHHHeeezzzzzzz! Your life will never be your own, he will control every minute every friend (if that's allowed) your parents, every breath you take, he'll be watching! Is this really what you want to look forward to?
  • did he say it was over? if he didn't, give him some space. he may need to work it out on his own and you can't force him to deal with it before he's ready.
  • also, did you apologize for what he's mad at you about? flowers and poems don't mean anything if you don't fix what's wrong.
  • Too hard to say without knowing why he is upset.
  • Well we were having a conversation at a club over marriage. I wanted this way and he wanted another way. He said come back with facts and he said he was sure and was guaranteeing I wouldn’t be able to find facts. I was upset and was going to cry so I just walked away and walked out of the club to use the bathroom. I didn’t tell him where I was going. When I came 10 mins back, he was gone and so was my bag. I called him up and made him come back to pick me up-it was 4ish in the morning. In the car, he wasn’t speaking much to me. When I left me home, I was crying as I had lost my bag, ruined a perfect night, etc, I left him alone all day Sunday just texting him to ask him if he was still angry with me. I didn’t get a reply so I got my answer. Yesterday, I sent him flowers and wrote him a poem saying I am sorry. No acknowledgment nothing. I tried calling him up at night he did not pick up my phone call. And then 20 mins later, he texted back saying he received the flowers and poem but asked me if I knew why I walked out that night?
  • so the texting saga continued with him asking me why I was upset and me explaining but I dont think he understood. I am an Indian and we hindus believe in in the fire weddings and since young this is something I ahve always known-how do you expect me to refute this fact and find facts?
  • Ehhh theres bound to be two sides to every story, but judging by the incredibly limited info, he sounds like he was in the wrong. However no offense, but most people don't pull this for no reason, did you say something that would offend him or something of that nature.
  • He's an Indian too and a Hindu as well. Some Hindus get married in the Sikh temple and he wants to get married that way! I find the whole thing so absurd now. Ok so I made a mistake by walking out, I apologized as I should have told him I was going to the loo, or give me 5/10 mins by myself etc. I’have admitted my mistake but I feel like he is prolonging this matter really long now. He's affected by my walking out. He told me how can you walk away from the person you love?
  • Thanks- I prob will leave him alone....
  • Thanks guys for your advice and support!!! I dont like having these "moments" in a relationship....
  • Tell that motherfucker to chill so you can talk. Or ignore him. He's an attention whore.
  • Chill. "Time heals all wounds."
  • not much you can do but maybe find another partner that wont be like that

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