• Why did she threaten you?
  • never mind, sorry, maybe honey instead of vinegar
  • It took two to cause the tension , can you talk to your son and ask him whats the matter , or do you already know ? Its kind of a hard question to answer , without facts of the situation
  • I have a similar problem with my DIL, except not that extreme. My son is able to mediate between us, because he realizes that we have a personality conflict. If your son won't intervene, I'm afraid you will just have to keep hoping. Send a nice card now and then, and try to realize that her behavior is not your problem, it is hers. Do nothing to incite her, and always conduct yourself in the utmost civilized manner. Hopefully, she will grow up.
  • how old is this brat?
  • excercise diplomacy and say nothing out of respect for your son. You're not married to her so be polite and well mannered and that's it. There can only be 1 woman in your son's life and that is his wife and you must take a back seat. Why was there tension? Do you not get along with her - what happened?
  • I'm really not sure! My gut feeling has always been, that she's jealous, for some reason. I had a really nice wedding-shower for her,& was hoping to get closer to her, before they got married! I went to a few other showers for her,also,& felt a real tension from her & her family. I am not imagining this, a family member was with me at these events. I do not like any of this,life is to short, I love my son,with all my heart,I'd do anything for him. He loves her! I accept this, we may not be friends, but in my heart we're family!
  • Try going over when you know your son will absolutely be there. Then, sit down with them, and the three of you try and hash this out. This only happens with the help of your son, or an epiphany, by either you or her. What kind of threat was this? Why did things get THAT intense? Make sure they BOTH know that you will do whatever it takes, to make the relationship work. If this doesn't work, I'm afraid you will just have to cherish the few times that you will get to see your son. Sometimes, no matter what, in-laws are just not going to get along. They should still be able to be civil with each other, tho'!
  • 1, Where is your son in this? He should be stepping up and trying to get you two to calm down and work things out. 2, What is your position in all of this? Usually, people don't just get angry for no reason and threaten for no reason at all. I do mean that usually because there are some nut-cases out there. However, they are the minority. 3, I suggest sitting down with the 3 of you and talking about this as rationally as possible. If it can't stay civil with only the 3 of you, try getting someone else involved, maybe a counselor to keep things on an even keel. Good luck, and remember- you're all adults here. Adult enough to have children and to be married. You can do this rationally and without physical violence.
  • I don't know what is going on in your particular family dynamics. When a man marries, he his to leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife. The two become their own family dynamic and she, his wife, becomes his number one priority. But he also needs to honor his mother and father. That obligation does not end with his marriage. I think you need to discuss what is bothering you with your son and not with his wife. Respect your son's wife and understand that she is part of him, the two have become one in the eyes of God.
  • whats being left out of this story? I doubt that you said "hi honey, how have you been? " and she responded with "im gonna kick your ass."
  • Maybe I'm not the most suitable person to give advice since I'm not married; however, I would recommend that you gave your daughter in law space (i know you probably give her enough, but not enough to her standards). I think that you did right in asking her for dinner, that is a very nice gesture. Don't give up and when another opportunity arises, invite them for dinner again and stay away, completely, from touchy topics. The threatening part is scary, there should be no need for that on her side. Maybe time is the only thing that can let things cool off before you try and approach her again. I wish you the best of luck!
  • well we are hearing only one side of the story. what happened to make her hate you so much. something had to happen.
  • i wouldnt bother inviting her again
  • Shank that bitch when you're out in the yard.

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