• Yup Brady Bunch
  • Danny Bonaduce is one crazy mother. Just he could kill the entire Brady Bunch.
  • My money's on Alice. Don't mess with Alice.
  • I don't know, Bonaduce is edgy and knows the martial arts thing so I think Peter would be in trouble, and Shirley Jones would probably get the best of Florence Henderson, but I wonder if Robert Reid might be too much for Ruben Kincade or not. The little drummer kid on the partridge family probably would get bested by Bobby brady who was a scrapper, and Cindy and the tamborine player from the partridge family would probably run off and play with dolls together. The tie breaker in the whole thing could be would David Cassidy kick Barry Williams ass or not? It is close, but I think I would put my money on David Cassidy, so I say Partridge family by the narrowist of margins.
  • Chris from the Partridge Family... If you kill him, he comes back from the dead and cuter...
  • It seems like the Brady Bunch to me. Didn't they recently have to 2 movies come out?
  • I AGREE! PETER WAS SO GAY! On the episode os Brady Bunch when they were singing Sunshine Day, look at Peter! LOL! Never gets old! But I also think they should kick off Jan, well not Eve Plumb but the older one in 1976-1977, she was a terrible actress!
  • I think Shirley Partridge could kick Carol AND Mike Brady's ass. The Brady Bunch does have the Partridge Family outnumbered, but I'm still gonna go with the Partridges just because their mom is way better.
  • All I'm thinking is cat fight and I don't care who its between.LOL
  • The Addams Family could kill them all, but they are, unfortunately, not in this fight. The Milli Vannillis of the 70's (the Partridges) definitely seem to have more of a slight mean streak. But the Bradys have more members. In the end, though, I have to give it to the Partridges, because that girl with the cymbol is mysterious. She might be a ninja or a secret agent or something.

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