• They make the best food and wine in the world.
  • they make wicked french fries and french toast :3
  • I love France, Paris is beautiful. I'm learning to speak (not very well) French in school. The French people I've met have always been lovely. And croissants are pretty damn good too.
  • France is a beautiful country, I love it. I think that French people are the same as people anywhere. You have great people and not so great people. I made several really great friends when I lived there.
  • I like the country and the people. How could I not? I am one of them... I changed to live in Germany, but I am still French and make holidays in France quite often.
  • I very much like France and the French. The country is beautiful and the people that I met there were very friendly and welcoming. Further, Americans who know their own history know that we would never have won the Revolutionary War without the French. They were our biggest allies, keeping the Brits off our shores and supplying us with guns, ammo, money, and troops.
  • I loved France and the people when I visited Paris and surrounding areas. The country was beautiful and the people were friendly and helpful, contrary to what I've always heard.
  • France is okay the french are ok...the food is lovely and the wine.....mmmmmmm :D
  • The only thing I got to go by as far as France and its people is the news and movies and those two things aren't reliable at all.
  • Alons enfants de la patrie! Je t'aime mes amis francais :) Bonjour, bon appetit et bon chance!
  • I loved travelling in France, and the French people were as nice as any other people. The stereotypes that go around about them are not, IMO, true. They are proud, but then, they have a lot to be proud of.
  • Not much experience. But I do have a healthy fondness for Laeticia Casta
  • I love France! It's my dream destination, that's why I'm studying French on my own. French people? Hmmm, I think they're cool because they can speak French ;)
  • puffy sorry am english lol
  • I love France. The country and the cities, small and large alike, are beautiful. . .as are the people and their accents. Going to school in Europe allows me a lot of free weekends to travel around, and I almost always choose the South of France.
  • I love France, its the majority of people that ruin it
  • I love France, it`s a great country. French people can be nice if you take them in small doses.
  • why do people like france and paris help me you can email me on its part of a school exam peace of work.
  • french people in general very nice .Allways welcomed when visiting but Paris i found fairly dirty (dogs mess every where)
  • France is wonderful. The arts and architecture, the culture, the cuisine, the language, are all simply marvelous. As for the people, as long as you don't act like the stereotyped "ugly American," fat, stupid, loud, and ignorant, the French will generally treat you well. If you treat them as equals, if you've done your homework and learned some French, and you don't expect them to suck up to you, you will find them to be warm and friendly.
  • im french very happy you like french one questions you american?English?Canadian sorry my english very bad
  • Great cheese, great wine, great lovers!
  • I love france, I 've lived here for more than 3 years and have no plans to go back to the UK. j'aime France, J'habite ice pour plus que trois ans et je ne veux pas retourné a Royaume-Uni. (sorry, I'm very good with French yet)
  • I love French and I can't wait to finally go to France one day. Crusty baguettes and cheese, cheese and more cheese.....WHOOT! I have no problems with the French and I would expect THEM to expect ME to speak their language when I go visit, which I do study. Nothing wrong with expanding ones language knowledge. They call us as they see us...sorry but it's a mantle all Americans must bear because of the other douchey Americans that go there and act like a bunch of rubes.
  • I've never been.Some of my most...ahem...interesting family members are from there.
  • I love France :) I assosiate France and french people with fashion and elegance :)

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