• I think both people should feel comfortable with it and should not be pressured. Theres really no reason to expect anything or be disppointed hounestly.
  • if i was dating a virgin man in his late 20s i wouldnt want to touch that. I have no time to teach this late in life.
  • No, as long as she does not become human lint because I was her first. She can lose her virginity when she decides too.
  • If I took it from her how can I blame her for it? I have no right to expect anything of that nature from any woman. It is not their duty to please me. I do not have a right to take what is not mine to give. It is her choice and I will respect her decision. Since when is religion the only justification to say no. For me....NO means no. The reason for the decision by a woman is of no consequence. Once they say's no.

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