• Do you also update your display drivers frequently? It sounds like your display adapter thinks that your monitor has been turned sideways. Some flat-panel screens can do that, and the graphics card is supposed to sense it and compensate automagically. Hardware sometimes isn't too bright, though! If you have a monitor that can rotate, try turning it sideways, then back again and see if that clears it. If not, open the Display Properties / Settings / Advanced and look for a Rotation feature. ATI drivers allow you to configure a hotkey that will rotate your screen. If you've inadvertently activated that feature (or it was somehow activated by default by the latest driver update), it's possible that you've been causing to rotate yourself by hitting whatever button or combo that has been set. Failing that, try going into the Device Manager and deleting your monitor from the list. Plug and Play should immediately reinstall it. Try to force it to install the generic monitor--if you've got a bad sensor in the monitor, that should disable it.
  • I'm sorry I'm just trying to understand how you're ISP software would affect the display? (I'm assuming ISP is your Internet Service Provider?) This tends to happen at work sometimes. Ctrl Alt Up arrow usually tends to fix it.
  • Hey it's not an virus. Press alt+control+up arrow. It will restore it to it's normal position. Plz visit by blog everyday.

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