• Either the person is in denial and doesn't realize he/she has a problem or is embarrassed about the problem.
  • Rosie pretty well summed it up with her answer. The only thing I might add about the being in denial part is the person possibly is in denial because the problem causes too much mental hurt and pain so they try to avoid it in the hopes that the pain will go away.
  • it shows weakness and it could be embarassing.
  • problem, what problem? who you sayin's got a problem. watch who you're talking to-I'll show you a problem. i don't know. it's just so sad and unfair. you just can't understand. ;-P
  • Because then they would have to solve them
  • Often they don't know they have a problem (they had it for so long and it came so gradually they forgot what it was like without the problem) or they are living in denial. Sometimes they do, in that case they are on the right path to solving it.
  • Makes them feel weak and exposed.
  • Many people don't like to admit that they're wrong.
  • Because then they have to face up to it and deal with it.
  • Because they like to think they have everything under control.
  • Because if they admit it...they know they will have to deal with it.
  • Pride.
  • Because.... For those who really don't believe they have a problem: a) They don't really believe they have a problem b) They think that they're not the one with the problem - it's everyone else. c) They know what they're doing but don't see it as a problem from their point of view. d) They're in denial and hope if they keep saying they don't have a problem then they won't really have a problem. For those who do admit to having a problem - at least to themselves at first: a) They know they have problem but refuse to admit it because once they admit publicly that you have a problem then they're morally and ethically bound to do something about it. b) They know they have a problem but don't see a solution. c) They know they have a problem but don't see a solution they're willing to try. d) They know they have a problem but they don't see a solution that they think can fix the problem. These are some reasons why people won't admit to having a problem or won't do anything about it when they do admit it (even if only to themselves at first).
  • It's the self-stubborness that keeps them from admitting to themselves that they actually have problems.
  • Because they think they are to perfect and problems are just for other people

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