• its totally normal! every girl has a reason to wonder and get upset over that. but in the long run just trust him, maybe even tell him about your feelings and he should make you feel better about it. its like a saying i heard before. even when you have the best days you sometimes want to just break down and cry. i hear you. but just stay calm and don't worry to much :) it should all be okay.
  • Ha, that's funny, I feel exactly the same way. We'll go out and have a perfect day and at the end I'll wonder if I did/said anything wrong that could have upset him. I tend to over-worry, since that's the way I am. I think the best way to deal with this is to just try and hide your anxiety, because anxiety gives way to clinginess and that's when he'll dump you. I find the feelings go away gradually as the relationship goes on though.
  • the best instrument in the aresenal of relationships is communication... open, honest, courageous TALKING you have to talk to each other to get past such things if i knew my SO was feeling like that, i'd try to fix it (been there, done that, been a years long process, still ongoing) one question... isn't Love worth it?

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