• Yes, and the money he earns is yours and his together - not just his.
  • First of all, It's not all his! You work LONG hours and at a very thankless job. I commend you for the job you do. And of course buy your hubby a gift. A real nice one!!!!!!! And while you're out shopping sit down and have a nice quiet lunch somewhere! YOU deserve it.
  • That money is also yours. As one mom to another - you have earned the right to share the bank account. I'm sure your husband agrees. Mine sure does. We sat down once and figured out how much it would cost him to pay someone to do what I do. First of all, he would have to hire 4 people - a maid, a cook, a chauffeur, and a nanny. Secondly, each would require a salary along with room and board - in order to be available the same number of hours I am available. Also, in order to replace certain "other" services, he would be dating and we all know how expensive that can be. In the end he decided giving me half of everything was much cheaper! LOL!!!!
  • Sure, but make it say something you mean and dont bust your joint checking account! Money may not be an appropriate gift.
  • Of course! That money is just as much yours as it is his! You have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet so it's not like you're not doing anything!
  • It's a partnership, there is nothing wrong with considering it partly your little tribe of greenbacks
  • When my mum was a stay at home mum she would always buy dad christmas, father's day and birthday presents using the money he earnt. It's not the money that matters, its the thought in the gift.
  • I pay my ex. $625.00 a week. Because i know what a job she has. We might not get along but i still have enough sense to know what a job she does raising my children. So , and i'm sure he'll agree, you're on a budget. There are things you can do to make him feel special besides buying gifts. Tell him how much you love him and appreciate the fact you get to stay home and raise your children. And have the kids make him something showing how much they love him. He is the provider just show how much you appreciate that. It means more than any gift you could buy.
  • I think it is perfectly fine. It's not like you're mooching off of him. You do stay home and take care of your children. That's totally understandable! I think that question in itself shows how thoughtful you are, which makes it even more okay for you to use his own money to buy him a gift. :)
  • Does he expect to have sex with the woman who takes care of his kids all day? Kidding. But really, he profits from what you do, so theoretically, you should profit from what he does. I think it's perfectly kosher. Besides, what are the kids buying his presents with??
  • I know what you mean. I used to stay home the take care of everything as well and feel odd about getting him gifts with 'his' money. But you staying home contributes to things not so readily noticed. For instance, the kids always have a parent at home (priceless), home cooked meals are so much better for you than the fast food you may be getting if you worked outside. My husband never said anything negative, he did say that it was one way he actually got things he wanted because he didn't want to spend that on himself (one was a special fishing pole and another gift was a bench vice tool thingy). Another time, because my husband was a xmas baby, I gave him a birthday party exactly one month before his birthday. He said it was his first every birthday party (he was 40), so he had friends over, birthday cards, happy birthday song, I even made a cake that looked like a pool table, his hobby.
  • Stay at home moms, are the most underpaid workers! Your husband's money is yours too. You need to think of it as just that. What's yours is his and what's his is yours!
  • If you can squeeze the money out of the budget withough it being noticed or having to ask him for more money it would be a nice gesture. But don't be extragent. A card or a special meal without the kids (send them to parents or friends?) would probably be greatly appreicated.
  • Of course it is alright , you are looking after his children and his comfort in the home.
  • Yes. I would agree on a dollar amount before going too wild. Financing a car might not be a good idea. ;-)
  • its not about the money. its about the thought of the gift. you are looking after his children. you are his wife. meaning its not his money, its both of yours.
  • Sure. You are staying home as your job he is going out into the workplace. If you weren't staying home, you would be working to pay for childcare, a house keeper, cook...
  • It's not 'his own money'. It's all your money, the both of you. Marriage is a partnership, and unless you both have decided to set aside a certain amount or need some to pay bills, then it's free to use as you choose since you earned it as much as he did.
  • I wouldn't consider it as being HIS money. If I were in his position my stance would be that it is OUR money. Maybe that depends on how much one feels part of a relationship. It's important to "remain individuals" when in a relationship but if it's longterm and you are dedicated to eachother then your financial situation should be considered one.
  • You shouldn't regard it as "his" money but as both of yours. Are the kids yours, not his? Of course not - they're both of yours. You say with the kids, he works for money, but they both belong to both of you. That said, just be sure you're not spending more than you can afford.

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