• I don't know if your dad will think you're a traitor, he probably will be hurt by your decision. However, it's not a good idea to make your major life choices based on how other people will feel or react about it. While it's good to be sensitive to the feelings and concerns of your father, his feelings are not your responsibility -- it's not your fault if he feels angry, or sad, or betrayed. You're within your rights to move out when you're 18, and in fact that's an important step in becoming an adult: to make your own choices about where to live. Do your best to communicate with him, and try to make him understand that you love him, but don't let those concerns stop you from moving if you're clear that living with your mother is the best place for you.
  • Have you been interacting with your mother the whole time? Do you know her? It is not wrong to want to live with your mother, just know what you're getting yourself into. Not knowing your father it would be hard for me to speculate what his reaction will be. Be prepared for his feelings to be hurt, but unless he has a particular objection, I expect he will want what you want for yourself.
  • He may be hurt but I'm sure he will understand eventually. This is a sensitive subject for alot of parents & step parents who've raised kids until they get older & want to be with the parents that were absent. Have you always had contact with your mom? If not you may want to be careful at why your father had you & not your mother for safety reasons. But I understand the need to find out & fill the gap so to speak & connect with the abscent parent. Good luck & I hope everything works out well for everyone involved.
  • Have you had training or experience in stock trading? If you've already submitted your resume to Etrade or another online security trading group and have received positive feedback, there's a good chance you'll become a trader. Let your dad know that you're not a trader yet but you'd like to BECOME one. That will make it clear. Also, don't move in with your mom. That would make you a traitor.
  • It will not make you a traitor. They are both your parents! you love them both equally, and if he is a good father he will understand you have grown up and you make choices of your own now. It's as simple as that, it's life. We make our own choices every day. -Jessica Edgell soon to be Zeidler.

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