• yes. sometimes more than others.
  • Yes. For women it's Menopause. For men its MANopause.
  • All the time. I feel like I'm always PMSing because I cry like a baby for absolutely no reason.
  • While I would not say I have no reason for getting emotional. (it's usually because I start to miss my sweetheart terribly) I will say that there usually is no reason for my missing her. I'll be sitting here doing something and suddenly for no reason she will pop into my mind and then the tears just start to flow. I wish sometimes that I could figure out why so I could stop hurting so much and move on with my life.
  • yes is called depression
  • Well...I am an emotional wreck a day before my monthly girlie cycle... I mean I even cried when I saw lions catch and eat a zebra on animal planet. I can be an absolute WRECK!
  • I'm emotional all the time, reason or no reason it just sorta happens! I'm the girl who can cry over a freakin commercial!
  • Oh yeah, but I don't think it is a bad thing. We are humans with over a hundred of emotions, sometimes some emotions are higher than others. Our brains are sooooo complicated and all it takes is ONE trigger to make you emotional. I can miss my partner and be crying and she is sitting right next to me. I can be sitting there watching a movie and just start bawling for no reason. All it takes is one trigger or surpressed memory and you have a flow of emotions you can't control. Great question. ')
  • Yea. I can be sad about nothig, and still be crying. lol
  • There's weather in my head all the time. Sometimes it rains. I enjoy living in a changeable but temperate climate. I'm lucky to have a sort of pennsylvania in my head. Antarctica might be strangely beautiful at first but it would get depressing after a while. But, Oy, enough talk about the weather...
  • Yeah...quite a bit....
  • "Our two minds .... One is an act of the emotional mind, the other of the rational mind. In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels" (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 1996, page 8). This rational mind is also called the faculty of logic and reason. The Upanishads say that these two are opposite in nature. Modern psychologist also have observed it, but they are not very sure about it: "At the same time, reason sometimes clearly seems to come into conflict with some desires (even while not being in conflict with others) giving us the impression that reason is separate from emotion". Persons in whom the emotional mind works dominantly get emotional without reason, known to others, most of the time.
  • Oh goodness yes , to often sometimes + up
  • yes, all the time. i think its quite normal or maybe i'm just manic!
  • Once a month for a couple of days, I have no friends they all run and I don't blame them! ;)
  • heck yes... Im having one of those days now. I dunno if its the heat (34degrees outside) but I am and I get so irritable... my bf will say something and I'll just get upset.. for no good reason. Does that make sense??

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