• You may be a little hypersensitive in that area, mrshinyshoes. I don't know. I have been kicked, kneed, and punched there in more than one fight, and gone on to kick the crap out of the cowardly little s**t that did it. I think it has something to do with having your adrenalin up. When you do, you feel any pain less.
  • Mother Nature wants to protect her future.
  • That's a good question. I think it is based on the element of surprise and adrenaline. If you are pumped and ready then you recover quickly or if you are furious then you recover quickly but you get madder and you can barely feel it. It's all in the head.
  • A few weeks back I was sitting next to my boyfriend at his house when his mum came into the room and chucked a chocolate bar at him. Unfortunately it hit him right in the testicles and he spent several minutes doubled up in obvious agony! She is a nurse, and when we asked her the same question she told us this: When a man gets his testicles hit or squeezed, the extreme sensitivity of the organs not only causes the poor guy agony, but it also causes the stomach muscles to contract violently. This has three effects. Firstly, the body is doubled over to protect the area from further damage. Secondly, this puts pressure on the stomach itself, causing nausea. And thirdly, it prevents the diaphram from drawing air into the lungs, effectively stopping him breathing! This is why, after a very heavy blow, or if the testicles are grabbed and squeezed hard, a man will pass out; his inability to breath causing a lack of oxygen to the brain and hence unconciousness! Makes me rather glad to be a girl!
  • I've heard that from a lot of people but I've never been paralyzed by it. In fact it drive me basically into a frenzy.
  • Adreniline is a factor here. In one of my many fights I decided to do nothing but punch my opponent in the groin to see how long it would take him to go down. I'd noticed in other fights that a groin shot usually has no effect. After 5 minutes of constantly beating his crotch area and getting no results I switched to my regular fighting style. I thought the experiment had been a failure but.....once the fight was over and his adreniline level returned to normal he couldn't take two steps without doubling over and holding his privates. It was hilarious from my perspective. One step - two step - Ooooohhhhhhhh. One step - two step - Ooooohhhhhhhh. One step........

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