• Be honest! Get a copy of your most recent Credit Report if you don't already have one...(you'll need it anyway). It may not be as bad as you depends upon if they filed the papers with the Credit Agencies! Plus, if that's the ONLY bad may look wonderful otherwise on paper! Collect written referrals from those who will vouch for you. Including your prior landlords...even the one who had to evict you IF your relationship didn't go completely to hell with that one. Why? Because if that person can put into writing that while DURING your divorce there were problems...BUT THAT PRIOR TO the divorce you were a great tenant..and that while there were problems at THAT TIME with the were still a good and thoughtful tenant...did not trash the place, left it clean and in good helps to file down the "rough edges" to your being's worth a shot at any rate. Do NOT collect written referrals from "good buddies." Useless...unless...your good buddies are also Doctors, Lawyers...your dog's VET....your Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, your Boss, or supervisor (from your old job/new job anyone who KNOWS YOU and has known you for at least five years!) You are not looking for "he's a swell sport, hell of a ball player!" you want...He has always been very accountable and timely in handling business matters, I find him to be very trustworthy, and thoughtful in how he conducts his life and business." Unfortunately, weather your financial problems came from things that were TRULY out of your control, or you didn't happen to realize that there were things you could do...ways to handle business that would have helped minimize the damage to your credit..or you simply spent money and then pissed on those you owed...THIS is the punishment that goes with that sort of action...this is what "we" have to contend with. You can offer to pay extra months in can't hurt...but then too...I think I would also be suspicious wondering if you planned to do something illegal on the property. This happened to MY tenants who were renting THEIR house out in another state, when they moved to CA, where MY rental house is...their tenant paid 8 Months CASH in advance (this was their first time as landlords)...after he moved in (and they were living in my place) they learned some things they weren't too happy about at all! (I might not have caught it either till I heard their story! and I've been a landlord for over 9 years). Good luck, be honest and hopefully someone will be willing to take a chance and see how you do!
  • credit ratings suck they seem to go only one way - down you get scored for some very minor things sometimes like the other answer says get your rating checked out and try and reduce the outstanding problems one-by-one good luck - this may take you a while
  • Your best bet would be to rent from an individual. Not sure about the area you are going to, but there are usually townhomes/duplexes that can be rented for about the same as an apartment.
  • Yes, for a greater deposit and perhaps a greater price I'm sure they would rent to you.
  • not if a credit check is mandetory,causei doubt their gonna risk their jobs no matter how much money you give them,ya know?? unless you have enough to cover your entire lease time. but if not then you would have to get a cosigner...
  • You may be able to fund a three month security deposit to get a better apartment with poor credit.
  • i would just pay off your credit card and then it wont be bad and then you can rent wherever you want

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