• Of course! Depending on where you live be sure to look after the cold weather since they have very little hair. A child's size sweatshirt is what we used to keep our dog warm.
  • You need to also keep in mind...the heater you are considering putting in with the likely is it that this heater could start a fire? This is a short haired breed and if you live where it is very cold...40 or winter...would personally would prefer to see the dog in the house. Why won't your Mum allow him in? Have you bothered to house train him? Does he smell badly? Does he chew things that he should not chew? (anything that isn't given TO HIM to enjoy chewing.) If he is not properly house trained, or chews inappropriate things...why don't you buy a crate, and get him trained? Dogs are very social animals and excepting for particular conditions...such as a good sized pack of hunting dogs that would be kenneled together, or a Herding/Guard breed that has been bred to PREFER living outside WITH the stock they guard...all dogs generally do prefer to live WITH the people they love. If there is absolutely no way around it, you are unwilling to train him properly or Mum simply cannot stand the thought of even a well-behaved dog in her home...then by all means...get a good stout dog house, be sure to have it placed UP OFF OF THE GROUND. Place about a foot of straw under it, put more straw in the dog house, and give him several good old blankets to bed down on. Wash the bedding every week and replace the straw IN the house about every 3 to 4 weeks...unless your kennel is IN a not bother with the heater, you can't regulate it enough to insure he won't become over heated and then move himself out of the dog house. Be sure he has access to clean, water that has not frozen over 24 hours a day...and don't forget...he needs training, play and socializing with you and others on a daily basis...otherwise you are going to turn him into either a very sad dog, or an unsocial dog.
  • Buy a shed instead of a kennel and put a bed in there, you can put a heater and insulate the shed to keep it warm. It will be more room to move about and space for a food and water dish. Please bear in mind staffies are very social animals and crave human company you might find they do not like being parted from you. This may cause what is know as separation stress, where the dog will whine, bark or chew excessively. a staffordshire bull terrier are maybe not the best choice if you can't have it in the house.
  • did you even ask your mum if you could have the dog? no way should a staff be kept outside, not in a million years unless you want bad and unwanted behaviour, you are not capable of looking after this dogs mental health. if i was you i would give the dog to someone who can give it attention 24hrours a day/night
  • got same dilemma found staffy cant come in house at moment trying to find home so she is outside in and out of shed during day and in garage at night

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