• I always give out points, since it's free, but they don't mean anything anyway, so what's the point?
  • yes, I've noticed..
  • No, I haven't noticed.
  • I think there are some people that just choose not to giev people points. If you are here for points, just don't answer their Q's. The atmosphere around here has been chaging a lot lately.It certainly isn't the AB I started using!
  • No I have not noticed that I still give the same points I have always given and I believe most other people do the same.
  • I point up questions that I answer, and answers to my questions, but I haven't really noticed this about other users..
  • i dont care about points that much so i havent noticed
  • well I always do so heres some just for you.
  • I ALWAYS give points for ANY question I answer or any one elses answers I like and I don't get picky its +5 or +6 even when I don't answer the question just read what other ABers have said
  • I've noticed it but it seems to be more the time of day that this happens so it could be just a certain group of users or just slow. It is discouraging to see so many people with no points and sometimes I feel like the only person pointing them somewhere. But where I really see it is for the questioner themselves. And that's kind of strange as that is where I always give my most points. There isn't a question I respond to that I don't give points to. And when I see a question that has 5-8 answers and it has 4 points? And I see who has answered and these are some people who say they always give points? It just doesn't add up. People may be giving points when they get answers to their own questions but lately I sure don't see much activity for question askers and without them we don't have anything to answer. Maybe if people were more generous then others wouldn't' go out and do vendetta flagging or other kinds of flagging.
  • I always give points on questions and answers. That way they know that some one is reading their Q&As

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