• Some people flurish in a hate/love relationship. to an outsider, this relationship is doomed. not so. a hate/love relationship is what makes the passion even hotter. yelling, screaming and throwing pots and pans are part of this relationship. its like an addiction. unless you have something really on the ball, you will be no match for his ex. you too, will be another rebound bouncer. the attachment to his ex, will be strong, maybe stronger than ever. look for the signs and make an exit.
  • The experts in the field of love and relationships recommend not being romantically involved with another person for at least a year after breaking up. For some people, it would be wise to wait even longer depending on the duration of time they had spent with their former lover. Since this person is not over his ex, I would not be romantically involved with him. If anything, he needs a friend and confidant and nothing more.
  • i kinda have the same question i think im a rebound girl he says she cheated on him and had a baby by another guy while he was in juvenile jail im 23 he is 18 we constantly argue over money(him) and why he keeps flirting and getting numbers from chicks he says he just wants to be friends with i tell him i dont like he ahs calmed down a lil bit but every now and then it starts back up again with him talking to his ex girlfriend he even askedme if he could stil conversate on the phone with her because she was about to go into labor in two days i told him i didnt like the idea he says she has a man but he treats her bad and he wants to be there for her but that is all the more reason for him to get back with her i feel so i say no and he tells me how would i feel if i came before her and he went to jail and i didnt know how long he'd be in jail so i go find another guy get pregnant then find out hes out of jail and want him back. i told him that if i was unhappy with my relationship id move on instead of trying to ruin someone elses. then i said on second thought if he really loved her he wouldnt have made that statement so he should be wth her then he tells me no cause he wants to be with me not her because she hurt him now im confused cause everytime i try to give him the freedom he needs he rejects and tells me how much he loves me and wants to be with me but weeks or months later he back talking to her what should i do im confused.
  • You're the rebound.
  • Well, you'd be the rebound girl.

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