• Neighbour's garden always looks GREENER.
  • Many women are essentially raised in a pack. Think back to high school. If your pack mates approve, they'll help you find the "right" man (for the pack). If your pack mates think you're "off" they'll turn on you or rip you to shreds. Early in life a person chooses to be one of the gang, or to stand alone. By the time your meeting them, it's so much a part of their world view that they are very interested in what other women think of them. When you see a women in a bar or club with a few friends, this is definately the type of women you will find. If you want to find a women who beleives in herself and isn't as worried about other peoples perceptions, she's probably on the river in a Kayak, or hiking in the woods, or touring the hills on her motorcycle.
  • That is a generalization. Not all women compete with their gal pals to look better then them. But, asome women may want to be the best dressed and coifed in the room.
  • Not me. My boss spends time staying slim, wearing sexy clothing, putting on make-up, getting manicures and pedicures and straightening her hair, I do none of that because I am not into the superficial nor do I feel I need to "compete" with any other female. It's just she who is 27 and me who is 42 and a bunch of men including her fiance so I have no desire to try to impress anyone.
  • They may be subconsciously competing with each other for the attention of men. They have a biological urge to mate with the most desirable male they can find. If men preferred women who wore seaweed and weighed 400 pounds as a society then there would be a huge market in dresses made of seaweed and Jenny Craig would be an outcast. Women do this without thinking whether they deny it or not.
  • I wanna look beautiful for myself before anybody else.
  • Many of us are driven biologically to look the way we think you guys would like us to look. However, we get mixed messages from men who tell us they don't care how we dress and then complain we never wear anything sexy. Most women like clothes kind of the way you guys like motorcycles - potentially impresses the opposite sex but at the same time it's fun for the individual.
  • Can't stand the competition, but it's there. I think Looking nice for yourself is more important. Being judged based on looks sounds crazy, but it's the way to being liked. People won't talk to you unless you fit their ideal image. Do you want to fit in with the crowd or do you want to feel good for yourself. I choose self image, like me for who I am. As far as the style that changes constantly, it's not worth trying to satisfy their expectations.
  • no its not true though it can be...i prefer to have my b/f think i'm the best looking rather than anyone else...he's the one i want to keep interested. :)
  • i have heard this too. so i imagine in some cases (like with catty women) this is true. personally speaking... i couldn't care less if another woman thought i was attractive.
  • As a woman, I am more interested in looking beautiful in the eyes of men than women. But in a mixed group I have to admit that I do a quick check to see how I stack up in terms of beauty compared to the other woman. It means more to me when a man tells me I am beautiful than when a woman does.
  • i am most intersted in looking beautiful for only one man. HOWEVER, when my husband is fixated on other women, that leaves ME in a losing position in having to compete with them for him.
  • Yes I believe that to be true. Women dress for the approval of women not men. Men are much easier to please than other women.
  • I start with looking beautiful to the eyes in my mirror and realize I have no control over anyone else's.
  • What ever a womans reason for looking beautiful. Im just thankful for them. I love a beautiful woman!
  • Not for me. I am definitely a woman who dresses for men and happy to admit it.
  • Yes.I think a lot of younger women do this. I noticed this when I was younger..and I was guilty of doing it myself...but as the years have come so has wisdom and I now realize I am comfortable with who I am and when I do get dressed up and made up it is for me...the women I associate with now are my age and they don't tend to "size up" either...I think it has to do more with age and building self confidence more than anything.
  • Many do and are, it's because they are shallow and self-absorbed.
  • Yeah, maybe because they want to feel superior.

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