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  • Dont stress! It won't affect your test - only if you actually smoked with them, would it show up as positive. Similarly if you walked past someone smoking Marijuana on the street and smelt it, it would not show up in your test. Remember that THC (Marijuana's active ingredient) is fat-soluble, and takes time to work its way out the body - so if you do / did smoke, it will take longer than 13 days to clear.
  • No! Even a sniffer dog wouldn't pick it up on you after 13 days.
  • You will pass the test fine! Relax...pee in peace :)
  • Its possible that you may have inhaled some of the second hand smoke and therefore you will fail your drug test. Sure its unlikely but its certainly possible. Were you there for a while? Or did you just walk past?
  • Did you ask a question similar to this about 4 days ago? By the way, you will pass the drug test.
  • You're absolutely fine if that's the whole story. According to drug testing sites that advertise how immune their tests are to second hand inhalation, they make claims like, "it is possible but it would require being locked in a telephone booth with three people smoking blunts for 12 hours" which I think is pretty obvious. I think these are borderline cases so you can probably go from here: my friend who is not a regular smoker got really high 7 or 8 days before a drug test and passed. But that was a close call cause he's a little heavy. I'd say that sitting in a car with the windows up while a joint was smoked might take 2 days or so to clear out.
  • You are cool, don't worry.
  • No problem - you'll ace it.

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