• she cheated and doesnt want you to get mad so she lied and said she dont remember. cause "some" women when they get into an arguem,ent they wanna get even so they do or think bout cheating then they get drunk and act stupid and cheat and the next morning they realize what they did was wrong so they lie. this is jusy my opinion and from what ive experienced so no one bite my head off!!
  • The fact that she told you a month after it happened sends some signs that something may have and she didn't want you to know about it. Every relationship I have had fall apart or have watched fall apart has done so because one or both people can't trust the other. Can you forgive and forget or everytime you can't get a hold of her, or think she's hanging out with friends, will you think she's doing something like this again? It's not worth it to stick around if you can never trust her again. It will make her feel suffocated and will drive you crazy.
  • I dont agree with cheating but she has been honest with you by telling you. She maybe hasnt done anything with the guy but her guilty mind is making her think she has. Go with the flow. xx
  • So? Unless you can prove something happened, then nothing happened. Don't be American and shoot up the place over baseless presumptions or "mental illness"
  • And you believe that bullshit?
  • maybe you need a new girlfriend that isnt going to do that

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