• Yes I do, I know they were not guilty, even the prosecutor knows that. They may have done some stupid things, but they did none of the things that they were charged with, but they were charged as an accessory... 5 years for doing a couple stupid things doesn't seem like justice to me, especially given the things that other guy, who received the same sentence, did.
  • Yes I do. I not only think he is guilty I know for a fact he is. And I hope he never gets out.
  • Actually I know several and they are guilty: Brother-in-law....murder-guilty The man murdered my son's best friend...guilty sister-in-law...drugs/DUI 4th-guilty guy I grew up with...burglary-guilty (I don't have inlaws..I have outlaws)
  • Sure do. My best friend's son - Guilty of assaulting a person over 65. My friend's brother - guilty, sent back on technicality. Guy who raped my friend's 9 month old baby - GUILTY LIFE NO PAROLE!!!! Then I was looking at 5 years in FL State Prison but I make the choice to turn my life around because I had better things to do than time.
  • My best friend is serving time for something he didn't do. He is going into year two of a 6 year sentence. It is a very long story of divorce and a custody battle. He is someone you could never imagine in a place like prison. He started out in San Quentin and is now moved elsewhere. I wish with all my heart I could find a way to help him.
  • I guess they are out now, but my sister is in prison for Grand Larceny, I believe. I do believe she is guilty, it's just up her alley.
  • No, I don't even know anyone who ever has been in prison.
  • Yes. My honey is current locked up. Yeah and no. He was on parole, and left the state because when he made a report about a death threat, it was ignored. horrible crap
  • My ex husband, yes he very much deserves his sentence!
  • YES!.....Of stupidity..... A lot of people are in Prison for something they didn't do......... They didn't run fast enough!
  • I just found out an old classmate of mine is doing 10 years for theft. Knowing him, he is most likely guilty.
  • my boyfriend is in jail, i know he is guilty, but he got set up by a friend.
  • Yes. Yes.

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