• According to the Supershadow most powerful jedis list Yoda was.
  • In my opinion, Obi-Wan was a bit pants as a Jedi. How he got to be a Master so quickly I will never know! He was so inconsistent...defeated Maul, struggled with Jango Fett, had is ass kicked twice by Dooku, defeated Grievous and only just beat Anakin. As Palpatine says to Vader in "The Rise of Darth Vader", "Imagine what Master Yoda would have done to you!"
  • The only Jedi's more powerfull then Yoda were Luke and Anakin Skywalker hence why he feared them.
  • Certainly more powerful than Obi-Wan. He was the most powerful of all the Jedi during the Clone Wars and possibly before that period. His sensitivity to the Force was greater and his fighting ability was more superior. Obi-Wan was bantha fodder compared to Yoda!
  • Waaaay more powerful.
  • Definitely MORE powerful.
  • WAYYYY more power full u see that little green guy move he's like flash except he's small speaks funny and has a light saber lol
  • Yes. Master Yoda was not only older and wiser; but held his own against Darth Sideous (Chancellor Palpatine.) Obi-Wan was defeated by a sith lord. (Darth Vader)
  • Yoda was quite a bit more powerful; he had eight hundred more years to work at it, after all. Although both Obi-Wan and Yoda had Padawans that ended up as Sith Lords--Kenobi had Anakin, and Yoda had Dooku. "I thought I could train him as well as Yoda", huh, Ben? Looks like you did. Maybe the little guy should have laid off chewing on that Gimer stick and paid more attention to the darkness in his pupil.
  • At 800 some odd years old how could he not? Yoda by a long shot.
  • Much more powerful. It's logical. Haven't you watched the whole saga?
  • Yoda was way more powerful than Obi-Wan.
  • More powerful! He's smaller, older, and wiser. He's also a million times more hideous, and has (I'm sure) worse singing skills than ObiWan. :D
  • Anakin in my Oppinion was the most powerful Jedi Ever,but because he was a cyborge(in 4,5 and 6) he could not produce force lighting and was not very agile,this is why Luke defeated him,(just look at Anakins midichlorian count he has 26,600 and yoda has 20,000). IF Yoda IN HIS PRIME(about 150-300 years old)were to fight,obi in his prime,Yoda would win hands down because he was very very very very well trained and has some excelent skills but because of his old age in episode 3 he could not kill darth I think it'll be like this- Yoda(prime) VS Obi(prime)= Yoda Yoda (prime) VS Anakin(prime) = Draw Yoda (prime) VS Luke(prime)= Yoda Obi(prime) VS Anakin(prime)=Anakin(even though Obi beat him in 3,the chances were a bit unfair) Obi (prime) VS Luke (prime)=Obi Anikin(prime) VS Luke (Prime)= Anikin *darth vader would Loose against Obi,Luke and Yoda. *Darth sidious would loose as well
  • actually im not sure. because everything is fairly inconsistent because according to george lucas anakin was 140% as powerful as the emporer on the battle on the volcanic planet. this means that yoda got his ass kicked by palpatine, obi wan beat someone more powerful than palpatine, yet at the start of the movie he got beaten by a jedi anakin defeated easily. does this seem weird to anyone else?
  • If you ever smelled one of Yoda's farts you would not have had to ask the question.
  • yes yoda is much more powerfull because he has had much more practice with the force and he is much more experianced and much wiser
  • well the only jedi ever to be more powerful than yoda was luke in the expanded universe and anakin would have been if he had not turned to the dark side and obi wan beat anakin because anakin was blinded by rage and in the expanded universe george lucas said that luke represents how powerful anakin had the potential to be go on wookiepedia and go on luke skywalker go onto powers and abilities and read how powerful luke is and that is how powerful anakin could have been

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