• Check the nail polish remover that you are using. It is possible that it is meant for artifical nails; if so, it is too harsh for your natural nail and is probably irritating it. If it's the correct remover, you may simply be rubbing your nails too hard when removing the polish.
  • This totally happens to me but only when I do it from home -- if I get the polish removed (then replaced with new polish) at the nail salon, i don't have this problem. But I took nail polish off with remover this morning and all my fingers are hurting me under the nail and it's happened before.... i am only first looking for answers now that i have made that connection
  • The same thing happened to me today. I always put a new coat of polish on after I remove the old polish... but last night I didn't get a chance to. This morning and all throughout the day, I've had this horrible pain. I guess it is right beneath the nail...the tips of my nail beds. This doesn't happen when I reapply a new coat immediately.
  • Mine do the same. The only thing I've found that helps is to immediately put a coat of clear on. I've tried all different types of "gentle" remover and they don't make a difference. I've decided it has to do with the difference in the weight on the nail bed but I really don't know and most people don't seem to have a problem with this. Once I put the clear on, I just let it gradually fade away and I'm fine.
  • It has nothing to do with the polish remover. When you have nail polish on, your nails are deprived of oxygen. The polish is a barrier, and while I think a certain amount of oxygen permeates it, it is significantly reduced as compared to bare nails. When you wear polish constantly (I usually do, and if I take it off, my nails hurt like h*ll until they adjust to being 'naked'), your nail bed can't breathe, and it adjusts to the oxygen deprivation. When you remove your polish and leave it off for any measurable amount of time, your nails are exposed again. Voila! Discomfort until your nails adjust to the exposure, or you put a new coat of polish on to stop the pain.

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