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  • Cheat on them with another guy (even though that works both ways) Being condescending to them as they work their asses off to make their girl happy. Getting overly possessive over you, or just jealous. Getting too clingy and not giving them space.
  • Stop him going to football , stop him drinking and beating him at pool down the local pub.
  • We expect men to think like women think. We get easily offended when men don't act like we think they should act. We expect men to talk about issues until they are resolved to our liking.
  • While absolutely agreeing with the other answers here, I'll add: Constantly asking, 'Honey, what are you thinking about?' ... and ... When they say 'Nothing,' women think they are not 'sharing!' Don't realize that sex, for men, IS their way of showing love, affection, caring, etc. Understand and practice that if [women] want to get something from their guy, they first and foremost must be willing to give it!
  • yapping our traps to our girlfriends about every little detail of the relationship and then telling the guy who we talk to and about what.
  • I don't know that is is unique to women, but often they think that they can change a man. They believe that if a man has sex with them, the man is making love to them and must love them... failing to understand that sex and love are easily seperable for a man. Failing to understand that men, as a tribe, tend to be non-verbal. Tend to nag in an attempt to create conversation.
  • Humiliate them. Serve them. "Like" them. (instead of love!)
  • Trying to change them.....why did they fall in love with them in the first place if he is so awful they must change him. Not understanding that when you talk to most men, including husbands about a subject, if it involves a problem they WILL try to solve it for you whether you want it done or not. Just because I woman speaks doesn't mean she wants men's help. If you ignore this and don't let them know you don't need their help, it will drive you nuts. Never ever say anything negative in front of your man, to other people, not one negative word. Treat your relationship respectfully, both of you. And don't complain to others about him either without him knowing about it if possible. Always make sure your friends and family respect him as you do. Don't give them the amo to destroy your relationship.
  • 1) men do stupid things for stupid reasons. With most, this will never change. Alot of women will try to change this and fail 2) if a man is going over to his friend's house, and it is going to be just guys there, it may not be appropriate for the woman to always go. I have seen many women do this to guys, and have had it happen to me as well. Just like women need "girl time", men need time with just other guys. 3) men have different types of hobbies than women. Just because a woman may not be into those hobbies does not make them bad. If a guy has a hobby or is into something that a woman isn't, instead of griping until the guy drops the activity, a woman should find something she can do herself. Consider it "self time" and let the guy keep his!
  • 1) they try to change them 2) they expect men to get interested in some things they have no interest in 3) nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag, etc...
  • (1) Continues to stay with one that dose physical or emotional & abusive harm to them. (2) Believes that no matter what it takes, that she can and will change the person into the person she wants. (3) Thinks that he should at all times know what she needs & wants without her saying or asking first...Relationships take time to develop into True & Loving ones. They don't just happen over night. Be careful what you seek for. Most of all look for honesty & trust in a person first, before you proceed to the next level of a relationship. You'll be glad you did............M.C.S.
  • Reading books that claim to tell them how to "manage" a man as if he's some kind of kitchen appliance. Playing games and not being honest about how they feel. Assuming that all men are the same and what works for one will work for all of them. (Although the last two apply equally to men in relationships!)
  • &lt;Sarcasm>Women NEVER make mistakes.</Sarcasm> What are you talking about? :)
  • 1) I am the best he could get. 2) What I don't like about him I can change. 3) He will crash and burn if I leave him.
  • 1. wait on them hand and foot 2. repress their own desires 3. not communicate with them
  • nag nag nag
  • Not hopping into bed on the first date, not doing oral and expecting respect.
  • Before accepting their differences and coming up with compromises they can make in the relationship, they often tell the man to change his ways and exactly how to change so that he fits close to the fairytale "ideal" boyfriend rather than a realistic flawed human. And they neglect to have understanding for the natural evolutionary desire a man has to spread his seed.
  • A man's perspective: 1)Hinting at specific things instead of just saying it straight out (otherwise known as communication...we're not mind readers)2)Indecisiveness...please just make a decision w/out making it seem that your life depends upon it 3)bringing up issues that were presumably water under the bridge. That's my three in no particular order. A fourth bonus mistake: Sleeping with your best friend(hasn't happened to me, but that would be a huge mistake:))
  • 1) Thinking she know what's best for him 2) Thinking HER priorities should take precedence over HIS 3) Thinking that saying the same thing 22 times will have more impact than saying it once
  • This list does not refer to all women and is based more on women I've come across who have relationship issues. ♥ The whole "Am I" thing. Am I and on and on it goes because there is no end to the list of possibles. ♥ The whole ~~cling~~ thing. But I just want to spend some time with you... <as soon as the footy starts or your friends come over> ♥ The whole "but i saw you" thing. Two weeks ago at the mall at 2.43pm..this girl walked past us and I saw you look at her..I know you looked at her!! And last month I saw you look at the cover of playboy when I was buying that dolly magazine.Remember? OMG Girls if you have any of these things happening.. please get over it, get some self respect, get a life.
  • what was she doing out of the kitchen anyway

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