• They are both consenting adults, so I'd have no problem with it. But I'm probably going to be more understanding than her father...
  • I would be happy if she's happy. Maybe she's an old soul and doesn't have much in common with men of her age. My sister married a man 19 years her senior. He is a great guy and treats her right. They even have kids together. I couldn't be more happier for them.
  • I would feel uncomfortable with it But She is in charge of her own life and She is the one that has to live with the decisions she makes. If you try to steer her from her decisions ahe will blame you if it turns out wrong for her. Only she can decide what will make her happy. It's like a ship.....She is her own captain..You can't drive her ship if you intend on driving yours too, it's just not possible. You can warn her of the danger ahead but it is her decisions which way to go. For a parent this is hard because whatever wrong decisions we see our children make Hurts us as well. It is unfortunate that While we grow we also have to make mistakes. And sometimes we can't see the path in which we are walking because we haven't quite got the wisdom. But then again That's life as long as we learn from our mistakes!
  • I think factors beside age would concern me more, it's their life, so I don't have much control; I would however feel that as a parent I had a responsibility to ask what I felt were valid questions... The problem is being heard without being viewed as a nay-sayer.
  • I would hope that she is happy, and hope that the relationship is a healthy one. As long as she isn't a child dating someone like that, it's her life and her prerogative. Too many people, parents, feel that just because they "created" this life that they have to run every minute detail and that simply isn't so. Would you want someone micromanaging YOUR life and not let you be a human being? No. So let her live her life, skin her own knees, and let her make her own choices. You don't have to like them, but you do have to deal with the fact that you can't make her decisions. *By the way, this answer wasn't directed at the asker or anyone in particular- but it was the best way I knew to phrase the question, so please don't think I'm attacking or accusing.
  • I'm 29 and my boyfriend's 53. My co-workers have always been significantly older, and thus so were my friends. Even when I was in college I got along with the professors better than the students. My parents are 57 and 58 and have no problem with it. But maybe they're just used to it by now.
  • Our independent children always do whatever they like. And we can only love them and be near them when they need our help.
  • Honestly and bluntly...It really isn't any of your business at this point. Not that it sounds that she'd listen anyway..It's her life and her decisions to make..and you can either accept it or not..but I think acceptance will be easier on everyone:)
  • I'd feel just fine so long as they treated each other well and were happy together :)
  • I'd be okay with it, the math is do able. Now if we were talking about a 17 year old and say a 56 year old I'd have a huge problem with it.
  • If he is a decent man...and truly cares for her...I would be happy for her.
  • I guess if they really loved each other it would be okay, but I personally would never date someone that was my parents age!
  • Not sure... It would depend on how mature the 25 year old was but I do not think I would be too happy if she was my daughter.
  • 5-21-2017 That is how grandbabies get made. Mary Cathleen Collins was 16 when she began hanging out with John Derek. They married when she was 19 and he was 51. She changed her name to Bo Derek and they remained married until his death.
  • In 25 years when he is 70 and she is 55 he will be retired and maybe not wanting to go anywhere except fishing and maybe wearing Depends and maybe forgetting her name. Odds are she will be his caregiver. Id say better her than me, congratulations.

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