• How long would it take to do what?
  • One Word:- Gravity... :/
  • The bullet would not have the velocitive propulsion required to accelerate(at great speed) also the fired round would most surely disintigrate within the realms of our atmosphere without ever even havin a hope of catching any sun:)
  • It wouldn't. But if you assume that the bullet maintains it's initial velocity through the atmosphere all the way to the sun. Assuming a bullet traveling at 3000 fps, it would take approximately 2,728,000,000 hours to reach the sun.
  • it would melt
  • To hit the sun most easily, a projectile would have to be shot straight up (NOT at the sun) from the equator at 6 PM on one of the equinoxes. It would have to reach 58,000 MPH (escape velocity plus enough extra to cancel the orbital velocity of the earth, which is 18 miles per second.) This would bring its motion, relative to the sun, to zero, and it would begin to fall. Terminal velocity at the sun would be 1,400,000 MPH because of gravitational acceleration. I can't remember exactly how many hours that would be, a few days at most; it's forty years since I took physics, but that's one of the things that hasn't changed.
  • not sure but it could hit someone else on the way to the sun

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