• Somehow I doubt it! :) Ps. The reason I am not giving this question props (even though I have answered it) is because I don't feel that this is an interesting question that other people should click on.
  • It was hard for me to remember to give points at first but now I try to give points to everyone who answers a question and I try to comment to all those who managed to get their answers on the first page. After that it's kind of hard to keep up. Sometimes I give points to questions I don't even answer.
  • I give points to most of the answers to my questions... sometimes life keeps me too busy and I fall behind, but usually will try to catch up.
  • I just started here and so far I have given as many points as I could to all questions I have answered and to all who has answered my only question and to all the answers to the questions I have answered that I enjoyed reading. Although I can only give a single point per. I am sure things will improve as times allows.
  • I give points to everyone that answers a question I post. Some of my very early ones got by me but now with the lights it is much easier to keep up to date. I also rate every question I answer.
  • Nah, I always give points. Sometimes not a lot of them, but if someone is honestly trying to answer, I give at least one point.
  • I always rate the questions I answer and usually rate all answers in questions I give answers also.
  • I do! I did right before I answered! I also thank the people who answered my question just to show that I care that they took time to answer.
  • Usually whoever answers my questions, I do give out the points, as long as it does address the question whether fact or opinion. Almost all the time when I answer a question, I would rate it up too.
  • Nope. I do, too. I also give points to questions that I don't have an answer for but the question was good, answers to questions that are not my own and just because I feel like it.
  • I try to give points and a comment to anyone who answers a question of mine. I give points to the questions I answer. I also give points for good questions and answers just because I think they are good!
  • I always give points. I know there have been times in the past when I didn't. It was purely an oversight. Now if the question or answer is offensive I don't give points. Lately I've noticed, for about 3 days now it seems, that I have answered alot of questions with decent answers, and haven't received any points from the questioner. I don't know what's going on there. I'm particularly disappointed when I answer congratulatory questions, and the person I am congratulating never stops by to say thank you, points or no points.
  • I always give points, unless I make a mistake.
  • I always give point unless an answer is offensive..and if I answer a question, the only time I don't give points is when I forget. I have noticed when answering that often now the person asking the question does not give any points for answers even though they may comment on them. Is this a new trend?
  • I always give points to people who are kind enough to answer my questions. And I always give points to the questioner when I answer a question.
  • Yep I have noticed that as well about answering questions and no one gives points. Its really strange. One reason why I kind of slowed down on answering. If no one comments or gives a point then its like my answer was never read. - I did ask a few questions from my list the other week an got a few answers which I always make sure to comment and give points (as long as they are insightful or make me laugh).
  • You're not the only one. By the way, I cannot give you points for the questions I am answering of yours at the moment. Answerbag won't let me rate anything at all right now. It's not my fault.
  • Nope. I do....:) *waves* Unless it's offensive, every question I answer gets points as does every answer I get :)
  • If someone takes the time to answer one of my questions, I always give points. I try to give points to any questions I answer also. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the questions and answers and forget to give points so I have to go back through and posi-troll.

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