• Spaying is a very invasive surgery. Basically, the Vet has opened her up and REMOVED body parts. Not only this but the medications used to put her to sleep for the procedure while much, much better than the ones five, ten and 15 year ago...they are still sometimes going to potentially cause a wee bit of chemical mix up for some dogs. While animals do not generally react to major surgeries as humans might...there is still some discomfort as well. I would suggest that you take her make sure she is not running a fever. A normal canine temp should be between 100.4 and 102.2. If you cannot take her temp, I suggest that you call the Vet. Either a digital or a regular rectal thermometer will work, a bit of olive oil to lube it and get someone to hold her head as you gently slip in into her rectum about an inch - inch and a half, and hold it against the side wall of her rectum for the required time. Better SAFE than Sorry!

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