• It's trendy. And it's scary to think that you are all alone in this big big universe. A couple of unexplained natural illusions combined with a few pesky folks that purposely create effects gives some people just enough to cling to. If pure chance evolution is a correct theory the chance of it happening somewhere else is astronomical. If the creator has made life on other planets, then it hasn't been revealed to me. If aliens were here we would know it. Nothing else stays a secret.
  • There is no proof either way. The reason so many believe in ET life is due to the sheer size of the universe, thinking we are the only ones here would be a very selfish thing to do. The reason so many dont believe in God is due to the complete lack of evidence of the existence of any God like being. It is also partly due to the fact that so many people that do believe in a God do so with so fanatically that they refuse to accept any of the evidence that contradicts the historic religious texts (the bible, koran ext). As such I suppose it could be argued that the strong beliefs of the few is preventing the slight belief of the many,
  • I believe in both, but I believe in both because I believe in God. It seems silly to me for us to be so arrogant to think that God didn't create life elsewhere as well.
  • Probability and logic. There are a near infinite number of planets in the universe, the chances are that another planet out there also supports life.
  • Because of definitions of terms. Life is something we know and understand- we are life. We know there are billions of other planets, and we know the chemicals required for life are common in the universe. Because of that, it's quite likely there are other lifeforms. God is a vague supernatural being who's precise characteristics vary from culture to culture, and from person to person. Unlike life, we have no proof that any other gods have ever existed, or anything of similar substance or characteristics to gods exist; such as angels, demons, nature spirits, etc. Because of that, it's not likely at all that there is a God. Plus, on the topic of "Belief"- There is a difference between accepting the possibility of something, vs assigning characteristics to an unknown. If someone accepts the possibility of aliens, that's fine, that's normal, that's logical. If someone states that blue-skinned people with tentacles live on Venus and love to dance the bosanova, that's just nuts. There is no basis for the specifics. Same with God. Accepting the possibility of God is one thing- Assigning it characteristics like what it likes or does not like, or what it wants us to do or not do, is nuts. There is no basis for the specifics. If you say some ancient book is the basis, then you are in the realm of circular reasoning- You believe the book because the book says so. There is no basis for the belief.
  • Everything here on earth is of such fine design. Even the universe is of great design. There is great order and design everywhere. If I throw a bunch of parts that were once a clock together in a bucket and shake and shake and shake for a trillion years, I will never make a fine timepiece. And all those parts still needed a designer. Simple designs need a designer and complex things need an even greater designer if you look at things people design on the earth. So I know there must be a designer. Some people think our designer could be an alien. Some people don't. Some believe that the accident of our design could happen elsewhere over and over again, resulting in a different form perhaps. I just see that bucket of clock parts and wonder how many types of clocks could be out there getting jumbled and forming wonderful highly designed intelligent lifeforms with a designer.
  • Extraterrestial life is a scientifically credible theory - god is not.
  • Life on Earth is the basis for their belief in life elsewhere and without proof or faith in the authenticity of God's word preserved in ancient script. They have no basis for belief in him.
  • I think it would be easier* for some people to comprehend a different form of life or being from a didsant planet, evolved, (same as Earth ;'D ) *than to believe in something they cant comprehend or understand.
  • One problem with questions like this is that the word "believe" is used in different ways. I believe it is going to rain tomorrow: it is cloudy now and the forecaster has said rain is very likely. But that is no the same way, as I understand it, that the religious believe in God. If it turns out that it does not rain tomorrow, I will be little affected; all I would have done would be to carry a raincoat unnecessarily. But if someone managed to show to a true believer that God did ont exist, as I understand it their life would be wrenched apart. MY belief in aliens, and disbleif in God, are of the same weaker sort. Given what I understand about how life on earth originated, and the fact that there are about 100,000,000,000 galaxies each of about 100,000,000,000 stars, then for me the way to bed is that there are aliens out there, just as the way to bet is that it will rain tomorrow. Likewise, given two statemets "God exists" and "God does not exist", I have to come down strongly for the second as being more likely. But this not the same sort of belief that a Christian has in a God with lots of detailed attributes (divine son, who was crucified, answers prayers, created universe, created afterlife, loves us...).
  • I read a news article which included a planet that is developing that looks similar to earth. Don't remember what solar system. Can't see why it wouldn't have life on it. I believe in God too. The Bible doesn't mention dinosaurs, but we have proof they existed, surely there are other things the Bible does not mention that exist. I think most people believe in some sort of supreme being, even if they don't have religion.
  • People want something easy to believe in--something that won't make them "weird"--wow, what does that say about us? You can believe in little green men, but don't try to say the world was created in seven days! Seriously, I don't know what's out there, or what has been found. Many of my fellow religious folk find it offensive to believe in extraterrestrial life, but it is my opinion that dismissing it off-hand is limiting God--which is not to be done.
  • Alien life is a new idea, especially compared to the whole Invisible Avenger thing that God has going with us. There is no solid proof of either God or aliens, but people who believe in God are accepted as normal people, while people who believe in aliens are seen as kooks and quaint dingbats. At least the idea of another planet wasn't just pulled out of some guy's ass one day. It's based off of our own world, figuring that of all the billions of stars and all the billions of planets that exist apart from our own, one of them must be similar to ours. Makes sense to me.
  • Reason leads me to believe, and coincides with science, that life on other planets is a tangible idea. Albeit, they are probably nothing like us. Reason also leads me to believe, which also coincides with science, that God does not exist.
  • not that i know of

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