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  • Of course. After all, I'm not that pety, or jealous, or anything like that. I'd respect her decision, and I do respect it, to reamin friends. Hell, I understand the decision, since I myself am doing it.
  • Yes. It shows maturity and trust in your s/o if I may say so myself.
  • hell yeah, it would bother me alot.... ii would say choose me or her..... i would xplode.... and beat uo the bitch !!
  • Afraid so.
  • Absolutly. That would go over like a lead balloon.
  • Friendly partings say good things about your partner. So if we are just speaking about them still being on good terms, so if they ran into each other, the cops would not have to intervene - no problem. But, actively seeking out the company of their exes or maintaining regular contact can be problematic, so in that sense - yes, it would bother me. It would really bother me if I voiced those concerns and he/she did nothing about it. Then we would have to have a dicussion about priorites.
  • Yeah yeah. That doesn't mean it's rational, but it would bother me. Not so much if they were just on good terms, but if they actually spent time together, i would be irritated. but then again, any woman my man has one on one time with, i'm not super down with. haha. i'm a jealous person and i worry. *shrug* that's just how i am.
  • Everyone is bound to have a bit of jealousy when it comes to something like that. What it comes down to is do you trust you partner enough to know that they are just friends with their ex. And also if your partner is spending more time with their ex than they are with you or if they are confiding more in their ex then ya that would bother the fuck out of me.
  • My current lover is best friends with an ex and is having regular communication with another ex. I was lied to about being in touch still with the most recent ex. She said she did not want to make me mad. So I guess that made it ok to lie?? I have told her it is the exe's or me. She said she loves me but will not be given an ultimatim. So I am moving back home next month. Too many times I have caught her in lies and too many times she has chosen to spend time with her "best friend" ex lover rather than me even after five weeks without a day off from work, she chose to spend the day the the ex and left me at home. Told me she would be running an errand with her and wound up spending 5 hours goofing off with her. I'm sick of it!~!! I deserve better! They say "We deserve what we tolerate!! Well, I'm not going to tolerate it any longer.
  • Yes it would bother me a lot.
  • Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, it is a huge pet-peeve of mine when it comes to women. I can't take a woman seriously who can't let go. If a woman's ex is also her best friend, I won't date her seriously. We can keep it casual, but I will not get serious about her. Dealt with that a long time ago and it ended in complete disaster. Never again.
  • i dont think i'd like that a lot. so no.
  • I know one woman friend of mine who is friends with every one of her ex lovers,I gave up on her, thinking she needs to stay friends with these ex lovers because she is insecure with herself and relationships she has been in. She should be able to move on, after all if she is good friends now with a ex lover, how come the relationship did not work out? Too soon after a breakup or divorce? Guys think about sex every 4 minutes,, you dont think that old lover isnt thinking about another BJ or another roll in the hay? he isnt thinking a long term thing he is thinking about a quicky and sure as god made green apples he will try to bed her again, unless he truly is gay
  • i would date someone if they're still acquaintances BUT if they're best friends, I would probably be worried.

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