• Some flowers and a hug will probably mean more than you can imagine. I hope you come to be excited for them, anyway you'll be gone soon.
  • Get the baby a bib that says "I Love My Big Brother".
  • I know it's a weird thing with it being such a huge age gap between you and your step sibling and the fact that you're used to being an only child. But I would hope tha tyou would be happy with the situation and accept it. You can try and buying neutral colored (yellow usually) baby clothes.
  • Be happy for her and help her out with the baby. This will be a long time gift your mom will appreciate for ever...OH YEAH AND CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A BIG BRO!!!
  • Enroll in a parenting course and tell your mother you will be there for the baby if anything ever happens to her
  • You are very lucky! I am an only child and always wanted a sibling. Tell you mom that you love her and are very happy about the baby. You could send her flowers, or just get her a meaningful card that says how you feel.
  • How about "I'm the big sister"/"I'm the little sister" (or brother)" tee shirts for you and your new sibling? You could wear the "big sis" tee and wrap the other tee for mom. And a big hug!
  • Just being happy for them, and giving her a big hug and understanding that is is probably a little scary for her being so long between babies and being ready for some major adjustments in how you ALL live your lives. Congratulations to you on becoming a big brother and congratulations to your parentals for taking the plunge again. You must have turned out ok for them to want to try again! And as to how to take in all of this - best policy is always honesty and to talk to them and let them understand that you may some mixed up feelings, but on the whole (you sound) happy with the changes about to take place.
  • Be happy for them both and do the grown-up thing, buy a card and some flowers. Don't worry over this, it will be a good thing and probably won't have as much an impact on your life as you may think (because you are almost an adult and it won't be long before you will start to want a place of your own where you can do your own thing).
  • You're a sweet guy. Flowers and maybe a baby name book?
  • well i think you must take it in a good way. Just think that its your lil bro/sis coming your way!!!!!!!! its life !! just give your mum a big her and tell her that you are happy for them.
  • Flowers and a hug always work. You should be happy for her. I bet the kid will really look up to his/her older brother. Here's your chance to really influence someone for the good and you will have an admirer for life. I think it's a great deal for you. It also has a side effect of keeping her occupied and out of your personal life at a time when you would least appreciate the interference. There is no downside.
  • just buy her stuff for the baby

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