• Depends on where you live, what state do you live in? Google it.
  • WEll I am not sure where you are from but in Pennsylvania heres a place for you to check out..
  • if you know the coutny they were arrested in our even if thye just have a court date. Google that counties ciruit clerk and they usually have a system that you can search peoples court records in there and it will tell you the case what its for and if they are in custody.
  • Has Dominick Haning of El Cajon Ca Been arrested and for what?
  • I need to know if Nicole Ann Brown Of Cranston, Rhode Island has been arrestede, and for what?
  • I need to know if Nicole Ann Brown of Cranston has been arrested, and if so for what?
  • Try googling the person's name!! for ex. google dominick haning and you'll get his recent reason for being arrested. Now this does not offer a complete history or arrest record on the guy but it certainly shows what type of person you are dealing with!!
  • I know where I live, the County Jail has a website that allows you to check whether or not a specific person has been arrested and when they were admitted to the jail.

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