• Take a deep breath and just tell yourself that "if this job is meant for you, it will be."
  • Make jokes and smile. Fake some confidence.
    • Mircat
      NEVER make jokes in an interview!
  • Make a list ahead of time of the things that they may ask and have answers ready. Stay focused and factual. Don't appear to silly or dingy (which I tend to do when I'm nervous).
  • The problem is waiting to handle the problem until you are in the middle of the problem. You take care of the calming BEFORE the interview. You do not do the breathing relaxation in the middle of an interview. I've used this for years for relaxation prior to presentations and dental appts. At first use it when you get up, use it as you get ready, use it on the way there, use it in the waiting room. Take a long, slow, deep belly breath through your nose. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat two more times. Tell yourself you feel fine and every thing is calm and nothing will upset you. Repeat two more times. Then start the whole process over. You can do it at home and in public and it takes 5 minutes or less.

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