• ive never had schizophrenia but my sister has
  • Why come on a question and answer site? Try contacting a psychiatrist.
  • There is a large host of mental health providers at any local VA Hospital. They saved my life. And they have a an MVP program that collects loads of data. MVP stands for Million Veterans' Program. That's where I'd go. But since I live in Birmingham, AL we also have UAB which trains doctors and many leading research programs are centered here. So we have many resources.
  • Fascinating topic! I hope you don't mind my suggesting going to a professional. I say this because who knows for certain if people are honest on the internet.
  • No two agree on what it even is,, all they agree upon is that no two schizophrenics have the same symptoms.
    • Cry me a River
      It,s the title they give someone who does not fall into any of the other categories.
  • Schizophrenia is not a disease, it,s an impairment, either of the brain or, the spirit, which is speech.
    • mushroom
      Speech or language impairment can be of several types, one being aphasia caused by an injury or stroke.

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