• I used to be afraid of my own shadow...
    • Linda Joy
      Its not nearly as scary once you become "enlightened". hehe.
    • Briana Turner
      Did you even read the question?
  • You may want to talk to a counselor about positive thinking and make some goals to think about instead of random unproductive thoughts. You claim you can control your thoughts so you may as well think about problems you need solved in your own life or run through what you need to do tomorrow, what you will wear and which accessories or what you need to do at work, or something you should run through in your mind before you organize something at home or work or in the yard or whatever your hobbies are instead of descriptive narratives that don't produce any results in your life. Good luck!
  • My brain contains tons of information, but I can't retrive it quickly. All this info seems to be floating around in a big dark pool in my brain. It may take a while before it pops up.
    • mushroom
      In normal brain function, when you see a picture or an object, or hear a sound, you have indexed thousands of related attributes, sounds and objects with some or many of those attributes: color, shape, sound, smell, feel and much more. For those who develop dementia, that index has faded, particularly the most recent parts. It's very sad to watch someone who is losing their ability to maintain that index, even sadder as they realize what they have lost, and sadder still when they no longer realize it.

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